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Fashion Citizen : Jennifer Jean-Pierre, Style Influencer & Photographer

A Fashion Citizen is someone who realizes there is a big difference between fashion and style. You must inhale the fashion that is thrown into our lives by curated platforms and exhale it into style that accurately describes your personality. Your clothing choices are your way to share your art to the world. Everyday, the streets are your runway! Jennifer Jean-Pierre  


Fashion Citizen : Billy Pinkney, TV Producer

A Fashion Citizen is anyone who realizes that style is subjective, and is able to navigate fashion on their terms, not because someone told you to.  If you’re inspired by someone’s style, be inspired and let your imagination run.  If someone’s digging your style, don’t be afraid to let them know where you purchased one of your pieces.  A true Fashion Citizen has the ability to make any look their…


Fashion Citizen : Mary Charde, Stylist @ Twelve16

A Fashion Citizen is someone that doesn’t allow trends to define their style. They go against the grain and embody confidence while doing it. They have the ability to make just about anything look stylish and leave others wondering how. They encourage others to reach their full style potential and that is what a fashion citizen is to me. Mary Charde, Stylist @Twelve16


Fashion Citizen Feature : Lydia Barnett, shot by DeAndre da Costa

With much of the east coast in the grip of a bone chilling cold, it’s refreshing to see these images of the beautiful Lydia Barnett in sparkling water and luxuriating in a warm climate. Let’s talk the fashion for a minute. Lydia’s simple suit with a bold, graphic print is perfect for sunning or a quick dip in the pool. One pieces definitely made a come back and they work…


Kingpen Slim “Life After Doubt” Listening Party

How fitting that on Veteran’s Day, many influencers in DC would gather to celebrate a different kind of survivor of battle. The listening party for Kingpen Slim’s new album, Life After Doubt is a musical story that is full of impactful imagery and stellar production. The artistry and the love for music is evident as you hear Kingpen Slim talk about his latest project. Sitting in a paired down location, the…


Fashion Citizen Wears : Grinders 24/7 G’s Chenille Patch Snapback

If you’ve followed the blog or my Instagram for any amount of time, you know that highlighting and talking about new brands is something I enjoy very much. When Grinders 24/7 came on the scene, I was very excited. I’ve known the CEO for a long time and when you know the backstory to a brand, it’s almost like a personal investment when you see them begin to drop pieces….


New Product : Kenni & Elle Socks

What’s up folks… It’s been a while since I’ve been on the main site but I had to document this on the blog. A new sock company has been born and it’s called Kenni & Elle. Husband and wife team, Joaquin & Chanel Jackson are designing and marketing some of the best socks I’ve seen in a while. Now I am a huge sock fan and I’ve got a whole…


Fashion Citizen Find : The Sukajan Jacket

  One of the stand out pieces lately in menswear is the souvenir jacket. Brands like Louis Vuitton brought them back to our fashionable sights and people can’t get enough. They’ve recently trickled down to our fast fashion friends like Zara.     Let’s talk history of the Sukajan or the souvenir jacket. American GI’s stationed in Japan near the end of World War II commissioned these jackets to commemorate…


RESPECT by PRSVR DC Store Opening

This Friday in DC, Chicago brand PRSVR held the grand opening for their RESPECT by PRSVR boutique. DC came out in grand fashion to celebrate the opening and support owners, Brandon & Margaret Williamson. The event was sponsored by DUSSE’ cognac and they provided delectable treats flavored with their smooth libation. The fashionable folks came out, shopped and perused the wares of PRSVR. This brand is one of the the…

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