Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I

Last Train To Paris, the latest effort from Diddy, this time backed by Dawn Richard and Kaleena aka Dirty Money. This album took a minute to grow on me but when it did, I had it in rotation for almost a month straight. After one of the many repeat listens recently, I said what better album to do a fashion/music mash-up than this one. The trio is very much fashion forward every time we see them on red carpets or in photo calls, so I had a lot of fun imagining looks to go with the songs on this release. After the "more", check out Part I of the Fashion/Music Mash-Up for Last Train To Paris by Diddy-Dirty Money.


LTTP #1 by Fashion Citizen

Burberry leather dress, $1,295
L Agence leather dress, $975
Shoes, 200 AUD
Christian Louboutin platform high heels, $1,195
Razor Leather Biker, $649
DIOR HOMME Straight leg jean, $708
Raf Simons Ribbon Sneakers For Men, $560

Ass On The Floor

The album starts off with a raucous drum beat from famed produces Swizz Beatz and Swizzy's refrain throughout the song is, "When you're in the club, get your ass on the floor, them haters can't tell me nothing, No !" This song talks about a spurned lover working to get back to what they know is good and trying to forget it all in the club with the help of much liquor and partying. One of the most poignant lines is when Dawn says, "I give my soul to you." . . . how deep is that love, if not slightly crazy too. For this look, I kept everything dark just like the inside of a club with bright statement shoes for the ladies. For the male in the group, we kept the leather theme going with a leather biker style jacket and Raf Simons sneakers.



LTTP #2 by Fashion Citizen

Dolce Gabbana crop top, $693
Alexander Wang denim vest, $550
Isabel Marant skinny jeans, $480
Herve Leger mini skirt, $1,150
La Perla sheer bra, 360 GBP
Alexander Wang sandal boot, 670 EUR
Charlotte Olympia high heels, 387 GBP

Yeah, Yeah, You Would

One more heavy hitting drum sequence brings this lamenting song in where the woman declares that she could've been everything this man wanted but because of something he's done, she's a little pissed off. She tells this man that if he wasn't so selfish, they'd be together and living a happy life. The man's verse is one of confusion because he's just as messed up as she is about not being together. I figured for this look, I'd put the ladies in something really out there since there stance in this song is so brash and strong. This woman believes that she laid it all out and this dude just couldn't see how dope she was. Tight skirts, sexy tops and sky high heels are the order of the day for her while the gent laments in a black Margiela suit and velvet slippers. Who ever said love stress had to make one poorly dressed ?



LTTP #3 by Fashion Citizen

V neck dress, 1,495 GBP
Gareth Pugh plastic dress, $1,370
Pierre Hardy wedge high heels, $1,190
Balenciaga boot, $688

I Hate That You Love Me

The album calms down on this track and the male lead comes forward to tell his lady that he just wants to see her happy and is ready to make an exotic destination where they experience love. The female lead comes in to tell this guy that she's a little unsure about this love and he comes back in to remind her about where their love began and begs her to start over again with him. This woman pretty much isn't having it, she hates that feelings that exist between them and that he messed their love up. Since this guy is all about himself, the bright Jil Sander sweater works well with dark Levis and Balmain boots. The ladies, who don't seem to be making an impression on this guy are dressed in gray, still fly and fashion forward but that's not enough to make their point of not loving the mess that this guy seems to be all about.



LTTP #4 by Fashion Citizen

Crop top, 60 GBP
Isabel Marant knit tank top, 160 EUR
Dolce Gabbana tie dye skirt, 251 GBP
Skirt, $385
Rick owens shoes, $990
Charlotte Olympia pointed toe pumps, $823

Someone To Love Me

This particular track had an old school vibe to me so I went with mini skirts in bright colors, funky shoes and for the guy, something suave and easy.  The male lead is baring his soul on this track, basically saying sex is one of his coping mechanisms but he'd really like someone to love him. He's in a YSL cashmere tee, Gucci cargos and B Store suede shoes. The ladies play the background this go round in eye catching minis by Cynthia Rowley & Dolce & Gabbana and statement shoes by Rick Owens & Charlotte Olympia.



LTTP #5 by Fashion Citizen

TopShop cami top, $90
Eairth racerback top, $60
PRPS denim short, 275 GBP
Balmain pocket short, $6,005
Jimmy Choo high heel sandal, $1,495
Casadei platform shoes, $820

Hate You Now

The female lead comes back on this song in a solidly confused place. She hates this dude, no doubt about it, but she just can't seem to cut emotional ties. She tells her dude, don't go, I hate you . . . but this is the same guy who treated her bad a few tracks ago but told her overlook it for an exotic trip. Dude comes back and tells her he can't let her go because he doesn't know how and get this, he hates her too. These folks are all types of confused and emotional, for such a desolate type of love, I picked neutrals with a hard edge. The ladies wear short shorts with embellishments with the highest heels one woman could muster. The flirty tops provide a contrast to the tough shorts. The guy wears a Balmain shirt and Incotex cargo pants, but since he's still dapper he throws on a Car Shoe driving loafer to match the pants.


LTTP #10

LTTP #6 by Fashion Citizen

Anthony Vaccarello open back dress, $2,464
Herve leger dress, 728 GBP
Christian Louboutin peep toe platform pumps, 765 GBP
Christian Louboutin platform heels, 765 GBP

Your Love

This song is called Your Love but should really be called Your Lust. Trey Songz starts the steamy jam off by telling the young lady he's talking to, "Girl, I want you face down, first thing when I wake up.." Love is NOT what he's talking about here. Not to be outdone, the ladies come back with sexually charged verses telling this man that when HE wakes up, she's gonna put it in his face. These two here might be saying love but they mean sex, plain and simple. For this song, I put the ladies in tight black dresses that show skin and Louboutins that are both dangerously high and sexy at the same time. The gent is in a Bottega Veneta casual suit and Brooks Brother velvet slippers. Not that any one will be in them for any length of time with lyrics telling each other "Your sex is my drug". I guess love lost this battle.



LTTP #7 by Fashion Citizen

Rick owens jacket, $2,195
Costume National sleeveless blazer, $706
Costume National straight leg pants, $211
Balmain cropped jeans, $6,005


Ok, so this track has the male lead baring his heart in a braggadocios type of way over a futuristic sparse beat. He's telling this woman that he's got a lot of baggage and he's not saint but he knows that with all that he's perfect for her and he's willing to do whatever he has to keep her. He says he'll even take off his shades, if this guy is Diddy, we know how big a step that is . . .

Black and silver were the colors I picked for this set. The ladies are in tough girl Ruthie Davis heels, skin tight futuristic looking pants and black tops. This guy keeps the theme going with a Balmain tank top and Balmain leather pants, simple black chuck taylors complete his look.



LTTP #8 by Fashion Citizen

Alexander mcqueen dress, $4,795
Alexander McQueen short sleeve dress, $1,395
Alexander McQueen t strap sandal, $1,395
Alexander McQueen high heel pumps, $473


So it seems like another moment of lucidity for the male lead, he's seeing that this woman he's so hotly pursued is using her love as a weapon to make him do what she wants and turn his life all types of ways. He tells her that if she wants to go, she's free to go because Love doesn't seem to be genuinely there anymore. It seems as if the angels were trying to reveal to him this womans true intentions but he ignored their call. For this set, I did as much Alexander McQueen as I could...he's an angel to the fashion industry and let's face it, he's one of the best designers the world has seen. The ladies are outfitted in McQueen from head to toe for this solemn track, the gentleman wears a Rick Owens coat, Margiela trousers and Paul Smith oxfords.


Well folks, that's part one of our Last Train To Paris Fashion/Music Mash-Up . . . stay tuned tomorrow for Part II.



  1. fashioncitizen says:

    FASHIONCITIZEN FYI : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I


    FASHIONCITIZEN FYI : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I

  3. fashioncitizen says:

    FASHIONCITIZEN FYI : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I

  4. PBG says:

    This music-fashion mash-up is a dope concept! I love all the looks you put together. They really capture the feel of the music. Great job!

  5. Ms. Lyssa says:

    LOVE THIS!!! Great job! RT @fashioncitizen: Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I

  6. fashioncitizen says:

    Fashion Citizen Fashion/Music Mash Up - Last Train To Paris - Part I & Part II


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up : Last Train To Paris : Part I


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