Top 5 Women’s Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York

I couldn't do a top 5 list without including the wonderful ladies of fashion citizen. Sunglasses are a great accessory and they can help you turn things up with your looks for those sunny days. Let's get right into the top 5 sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York.






Brand : Mykita | Style : Scarlett | Color : 184 | Price : $497

Let's start things off with a round pair in a stark white, you know that cool elegance of Solange and Alexa Chung type of vibe. These shades would work well as every day lenses and one of the cool features is that they're super light on your face and very durable. Get ready for all those outdoor concerts and festivals with this pair !


Brand : Stella McCartney | Style : SC0006S | Color : 003 | Price : $330

Movie star ready and paparazzi fresh ! Just two phrases to describe the feeling these shades bring. An exaggerated cat eye in a nude blush with small gold chain detail on the border make these sunglasses the perfect pair for your vacation or even those outdoor parties and graduations. If you're a statement making girl, these newly released beauties are for you.


Brand : Prada | Style : PR18S | Color : 1AB-0A7 | Price : $355

You know those days when you feel like your stilettoed foot is firmly on top of the world? You're walking down the street and the breeze catches your hair at just the right moment and all of a sudden you're on a magazine cover? These Prada shades are for that fashionista woman who wears confidence just as well as she does a red lip. These chic shades are great for business or brunch, whatever you wear them too, just make sure you get ready to pose for the cameras.


Brand : Tom Ford | Style : Carrie/TF268 | Color : 01F | Price : $425

Oversized. Check. Black. Check. Tom Ford. Check. Every woman needs a classic pair of shades that you can put on and not worry about. Yes, I'm all about those statement shades but along with those get a simple pair that you can always go to for those days when you don't want to do a brow or face. Messy bun, oversized shades and you're ready for errands. These Tom Ford shades up the ante on simple with the subtle gold rimming on the front of each lens.

image1 (9)

Brand : Cazal | Style : C163/3 | Color : 095 | Price : $600

Old school is becoming new school and in fashion, that's pretty expected. This pair of Cazal's is a brand new pair  from an old school company. Yes, Cazal just released these and they're available at Specs New York in Montgomery Mall. This statement pair is great for weekend fun and those day parties when you want all the eyes on you. It's the details of Cazal sunglasses that draw you in, from the gold, to the pearl, to the cool geometric shape. Take it back with a pair of Cazal's this spring !

You can find all of these sunglasses at Specs New York located in Westfield Montgomery in Bethesda, MD. If you are not located in the DC Metro area, check out Specs New York website and find the location nearest you.


  1. Keri says:

    Of course the ones I really like are the most expensive on the list!


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