Auditory Frequency with @WholeTimeTray – Njomza x Hold On

Chitown native Njomza (nee-ohm-za) will be a household name soon enough. She has been effortless crushing covers and making some of your favorite songs better in doing so. Now Njomza is giving you the goods of her own artistry.


Her mixtape Gold Lion is packed with strong vocals, real life, emotions, better production than mainstream artists and impressively strong vocals (I know I said that). She recently dropped "Hold On" produced by Lyfe Harris. Harris samples some Drake for the track and Njomza slides across this track very drake-like.


Kinda makes me feel like every time Drake wants to sing he should give the track to Njomza because she will do it better than him. Anyway take a listen to the track, Hold On, below and go get that Gold Lion.


Hold On - Njomza

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