Beauty Secrets with Linzy : Artizen Dolphin Flat Iron Review

Fashion Citizen isn't just your go to for clothing but we work at being your go to for every facet of your look, from top to bottom. Today we want to start with your top. I've been working with my beauty editor to review the Artizen Dolphin Flat Iron. This is a first for us and we really wanted to make this review a great one. Linzy had a whole month to work with the product and she really put it through it's paces and we are going to share some pictures with you of her styles and let you know about the features of the iron and how Linzy rated them.




First we have the "1.25 Hydro-ion Ceramic Heating surface. This surface heated evenly and quickly, which is a plus for a woman styling on the go. It's also good for a quick touch up here and there and trust me, Linzy tested the touch up factor with a quick bump once before church started. Nothing wrong with a good look for worship right? Either way, whether you need to straighten out a bang or revive a curl the Dolphin has your covered.

The surround heating feature is excellent for curling or intermediate styling with the Dolphin iron. This iron isn't just for your straight styles but can be used for bouncy curls and waves. The only critique that came from this portion of testing was that the plastic bar on the top of the iron began to buckle and curl with the constant heating of the iron. While this didn't make the iron unusable, it was a cause for concern that maybe Artizen might want to make that piece heat resistant.




The tourmaline used in this ceramic iron does indeed increase shine and we both touted that feature, she as the user and me as the observer. Linzy's hair had a beautiful sheen to it and she praised the fact that the iron didn't sizzle or leave that burnt smell that some irons tend to do. The Dolphin iron adds that bit of pop to your hair and won't damage it in the process. The digital controls for heating were another great addition because it takes the guess work out of styling. You can set the iron for a specific temperature and keep it moving. The turbo temperature feature is also good as we mentioned before for the styling on the go. In past chats with readers, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for products to heat up or get ready when you're rushing.


The Dolphin iron also touts an auto shut off after 20 minutes. As it often occurs, when rushing in the morning to style your hair, you dash out right after that last curl is set. How great is it that the iron will shut itself off and you won't have to turn around on your morning commute. The built in surge protection is another laudable feature for the Dolphin iron, after all who wants to risk losing a prized styling tool because of an electrical mishap?




All in all, the review of the Dolphin Iron from Artizen from Linzy at Fashion Citizen is a must have. It styles the hair properly and doesn't burn it in the process. The addition of the tourmaline adds shine to the hair without product and who doesn't love a headful of shiny hair to take on the day or the night?


You can find the Dolphin Iron from Artizen by visiting the Artizen site here. If there are questions for our beauty editor Linzy, please leave them in the comments and we'll get them answered in a timely manner.


  1. Larry Oskin says:

    Fabulous Review! Thank you!

    Larry H. Oskin
    Marketing Solutions, Inc.
    Art Beautique, Inc.
    3500 Windansea Court
    Clermont, FL 34711 USA
    PHN: 407-395-9007
    CLR: 703-508-6800

  2. Creative Beauty Concepts says:

    Artizen Dolphin iron is available from C.B.C. Call 800-447-2718 and mention Fashion Citizen to receive a free gift with any Artizen Professional Beauty Appliance.


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