Black History Month Spotlight : April Daniels

Beyonce went from telling girls they ran the world to urging them to get in formation. April Daniels has been running with that message long before a song came out to soundtrack the movement. April's campaign Rock Out With Me has traveled around the country empowering women to work together, stand together and forge sisterhoods. She's gathered panels of strong black women and encouraged young women country wide to be their best self.

She has recently launched Rock Out With Me Couples with her husband, LaShawn Daniels to share their insight on love and relationships. April is a one woman powerhouse but she has no problem sharing the spotlight with those around her. I learned that when I had a chance to work with her for her DC leg of Rock Out With Me. She made sure each one of us on her staff felt appreciated and respected for our gifts. It is a uniquely gifted person who can stand tall while holding others up at the same time.

April Daniels, we salute you !

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