Black History Month Spotlight : Brandon Williamson

Our spotlights continue with brand owner and style architect, Brandon Williamson. Brandon pretty much revolutionized leather wear for all seasons. In this bloggers opinion, leather wasn't as widely used in everyday wear when Brandon started doing it. Leather shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, shorts and then some came out of his brand PRSVR. I actually got a chance to talk with Brandon here on Fashion Citizen in 2011. Fast forward 5 years later and PRSVR has sky rocketed with signs of going even higher. The brand has brick and mortar locations in Chicago and soon to be in DC. Their pieces have been on television stars, singers, rappers, athletes and style stars.

Running a brand is work in itself, yet Brandon puts just as much time in for his wife and son. There's a saying that no one can have it all. Well, if there's ever been someone who disproves that, it is Brandon Williamson. Father. Husband. Designer. Style Architect. Influencer. The list goes on and our culture is enriched each time this man decides to launch a new venture and inspire us all to do MORE !

Brandon Williamson, we salute you !

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