Black History Month Spotlight : Carrington B.

The one thing that can never be said about black people is that we don't know how to have a good time. Yes, with all that has faced us as a people recently and in our past, we have always managed to find time to smile, laugh, dance, and cut a few rugs. Continuing this good time tradition is our feature today, Carrington B. He is a part of Unique Society, a lifestyle entertainment firm based in Washington, DC. If there's been a celebrity in the nations capital, Carrington has probably orchestrated an amazing event that they glad to be a part of.

There is certainly more to this gentleman than great parties, beautiful celebrity ladies, exclusive events and stylish clothing. Carrington is a proud father to one lucky little girl. You see, there can be balance between night life and real life. I can't emphasize enough with these features that our generation will be the one who proves everything that's been said about us wrong. We will be the generation that shows we are able to balance life, love, dreams, jobs, family and then some. Carrington has proven that orchestrating the symphony of DC events is no easy task and that he's more than capable of doing so. His daughter will grow up with a proven example of a strong black man who's provided all the best for her.


Carrrington B., We salute you !

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