Black History Month Spotlight : Cierra Lynn

What's a woman to do when she has a child to take care of and is faced with unemployment? Start a successful business and groom her daughter to do the same right? Yes. Yes, that's right. That was Cierra Lynn's response to being faced with unemployment some years ago and she hasn't looked back since.

Cierra has put her specialized brand of art on everything from bags to shirts to hats to shoes. She's even moved into designing housewares. She's pretty much always working and creating and on top of that she's raising a little girl who's shaping up to be quite the little mogul herself. The way her mom works, I'll bet that young lady is poised for great things.

Using her art to motivate and encourage others, Cierra hosts Paint Your Purpose parties that empower and inspire. You see art is this woman's weapon and she's using it to tear down barriers every where she goes.

Cierra Lynn, We salute you !

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