Black History Month Spotlight : Danny McCrimmon

Have you ever heard that saying, Jack of all trades, Master of none? Well, whoever said that never met Danny McCrimmon. This man has many talents and he has a way of executing them all with excellence. He started his music career as a drummer in the Washington, DC area and from there was able to play all over the world for many different artists and people. He's a living legend and that's no exaggeration. You will often hear people say that the major gospel hits from the golden era of the genre have his playing on them. He approached his craft with tenacity and to this day, if there is an empty set and music going on...wait a minute and you'll probably find him making his way to play.

These days you will find Danny a few feet away from the drum set, sitting in the seat of a Pastor. His story of accepting the call of God on his life and working in the office of a Pastor is positively inspiring. His wife is also a Pastor and a gifted one at that. Pastor Danny, as he is known now, serves alongside his wife in a growing ministry in the nations capital. He is an example to men connected to powerful women, in that he supports his wife and pushes her to be her best and in doing so, isn't diminished in the least. He helps the men attached to his ministry understand that everything we do must be done in excellence, from supporting spouses to operating in the gifts assigned to our life.

Pastor Danny McCrimmon, we salute you !

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