Black History Month Spotlight : Dominick Adams

It's often the people out front who get all the glory, but those behind the scenes are making plenty of noise themselves. Take a look at Dominick Adams. He's a buyer for Maketto, a retail/restaurant mash up in DC's H St corridor and one of the men behind bringing the store and it's whole vibe to this area. If you've ever been to Maketto, the cool vibe and pieces they carry make you glad they're their. It's a breath of fresh air in a see of same ol same ol trends and let's dress like celebrities. I've had a few chances to sit down and talk to Dominick and hearing him lay out a plan gets you excited about it's fruition.

There has been a long tradition of innovators in our community, those who dared to be different and it paid of handsomely for them. In regards to fashion, men like Stephen Burrows who set the 70's on fire with his unique and forward designs would feel quite secure handing over the reigns to Dominick. You see Dominick is guiding the style climate of a city that is ever changing and very diverse. Maketto is thriving and prospering and it's only a matter of time before we see what is up next for Dominick Adams.


Dominick Adams, we salute you !

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