Black History Month Spotlight : Dominique Auxilly

American couture isn't a term that you hear much but when you see the designs of today's feature, it becomes very real. Dominique Auxilly is a designer that we will be looking back on years from now and wishing we archived her collections to pull from for great moments. The most amazing thing about Dominique is that she is a humble and kind spirit, which isn't always common amongst the very gifted and talented. You see, it's not just because Dominique was raised very well, it's because of her relationship with God that Dominique is who she is. It's something that she is not ashamed to talk about or acknowledge. It is this very relationship that lead to Dominique re-working her designs. I will be one of those to say that her pieces are even better now and evolution, especially divinely inspired, is always a good thing.


Recent years have seen Dominique become married and welcome a beautiful baby boy into her fold. The common thread with many of our features is that life comes along and they all find a way to keep going with what their dreams and visions are. Dominique is no different. Her husband is a photographer and you can often see behind the scenes shots with her little son close by. Dominique's creativity and innovation in design has garnered her success with celebrities and every day people a like. We are proud that this designer is making history every day and looking amazing doing it !


Dominique Auxilly, we salute you !

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