Black History Month Spotlight : Good Life University

These days groups don't stay together long enough to drop an album or release one collection. Having a collective mentality towards success and working together for that is almost a foreign concept. The Good Life University gentleman have not only released multiple collections but they have put on annual events like their cookout that gets bigger and bigger every year. In their group are several different creative minds that all work together in harmony. When you see one, you see them all. They're a unit.


It's a testament to men of color every where that we can work together towards a common goal and achieve it. The brand has just released a new collection that's available at the Good Life University Store. They've got business minds, musicians, creatives, workers, and more that comprise their group and knowing these gents is a cool experience because their brand is a lifestyle that they live. They are living, breathing branding. Good Life University teaches us that life can be best lived when we work hard to achieve our goals and in doing so, we bring our brothers up along with us.

Good Life University, we salute you !

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