Black History Month Spotlight : Mattie James

It's been our goal with the posts that have appeared on Fashion Citizen this month, to show the greatness that lies within our communities. We love our celebrities and big names but there are people that live in your city that are making history every single day. One of those people is Mattie James.

Mattie is a mother, wife and blogging maven. She's one of those people who works very hard at what she does and it looks effortless. I had the opportunity to meet Mattie a few years back at an event in DC and she came up to me, happy and bubbly, and we exchanged greetings. It was cool meeting someone I knew on Twitter and she was a very approachable person. Fast forward to now and I realize that I was in the presence of greatness and I probably should've had a major fanboy moment.

You see, on top of running her blog, Mattieologie, she coaches and assists others in building their brands. She runs a brand and helps others build theirs. No way to doubt her success because you can see it with each and every post she publishes. She's a new mom and that's been another part of her journey that she's shared with her readers as well as her podcast with her husband. Never not working seems to be her banner. Mattie does it all and she makes it possible for the working woman to know that you can have it all.

Mattie James, we salute you !

(the main photo used for this feature comes from the Smoky Eyes for Date Night post on Mattieologie)

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