Black History Month Spotlight : Melissa W.

Jesse Ownens said, "Find the good. It's all around you. Find it, showcase it and you'll start believing in it." Our feature today has found good, showcases it, believes it and even teaches others how to get it.

In the world of plus size fashion, there is so much confidence, style and greatness but many people don't see it because they allow size to determine value and worth. As a fashion blogger,  I enjoy seeing the many doors that have opened as a result of the market value of plus size fashion. It's much more than a niche market, it's becoming part of the general marketplace and the women that are apart of it are becoming stars.

One such star is Melissa W. who runs the blog, FabGlance. It's an urban fashion blog where Melissa showcases her own amazing style and helps other get in on finding their style as well. Not only a blogger and journalist, Melissa also teaches others how to find their style and upgrade their wardrobes. One thing I really appreciate about Melissa is her great energy. You can feel her looks through the screen and you just know that if you were to learn from this woman, you'd be just as stylish and confident. Our culture always has had a great way of passing down information to the next generation and passing it along to others. Each one, teach one. Melissa is a fixture in the Nashville fashion scene and has even staged events along with other brands in her city. We are excited that Melissa is a woman that doesn't let labels define her, she is a woman poised to obtain great things and we're glad to cheer her on !


Melissa W., We salute you !

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