Black History Month Spotlight : Miss Black USA 2015, Madison Gibbs

There's nothing like seeing royalty face to face. The majesty of the crown, the bright smile on their face and the idea that this person is someone you can have faith in to lead. Miss Black USA 2015, Madison Gibbs is all of those things and we couldn't be more proud of her. Her platform includes heart health, a big problem in the black community and it's her goal to get us up and moving to become healthy and active people. She's leading the way herself though, she is currently a law school student and when she's not studying and preparing work, she is in the dance studio. She walks what she talks and that's how you lead !


We have a long standing history of royalty in our culture. No matter what may be hidden in our history or buried under years of oppression, there is something about the black race that lets us know we are royal people. It's in our stride and in our strength, it's in our power and perseverance, it is in our very DNA. Madison is one in a long line of Miss Black USA title holders and she has taken on this crown and worn it proudly. She's much more than a figurehead, she is our reigning queen and it is our privilege to follow her lead and support her efforts.


Madison Gibbs, we salute you !

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