Black History Month Spotlight : Ryan Lucas

There's a rich legacy of music in the black culture. Pretty much every genre of music has the influence of African-Americans running through it and modern times are no different. We are every where and our influence is greater than ever. Let's take a look at Ryan Lucas. I wouldn't call Ryan a rapper. I'd call Ryan a story teller. His music creates a situation and you feel like it's going on around you and you just so happen to be along for the ride. When he's talking about heartbreak, you can feel it, when the music is a power anthem, you find your fist raised in pride and when things get a little man and woman like, you look for someone to wrap your arms around and enjoy the moment.

Ryan has a new project out called, I Want Her Back.  The new project saw Ryan make a major move all the way across the country to LA. Like trailblazers before him, Ryan set out to take his art to new heights and expand his brand. Since moving across the country, Ryan has been showcasing non stop and spreading his music. Feel good music has never left and as long as we have Ryan Lucas, it's only going to get better.

Ryan Lucas, we salute you !

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