Black History Month Spotlight : Ty Cobb

If you had the choice in life of getting a small, medium, or large, most would go for the large. It's going to fill you up, it's the biggest and best, it's the lion's share. Our feature today has taken that mindset and made it her mantra. Ms. A Large herself, Ty Cobb, is a petite woman but her personality and drive is....well...large. She lights up a room with her big voice and great smile and lest you think that is all; she has the talent to back it up. Ty is a radio host and make up artist with her own line of make up. This woman is literally a whirlwind of talent with no signs of stopping.


In our culture, there have always been women who set out to do what others thought they couldn't. You have women like Madame C.J. Walker who paved the way for Ty and she's grabbed that beautiful banner, wrapped it around her, put on her Louboutin's and kept it moving. Having been on set with Ty before, she's truly an artist with her brushes and she makes her clients feel their inner beauty reflected through make up. The rich tradition of beautification in our community is one that will never die. We will always adorn ourselves to look and feel our best and with women like Ty Cobb steering the ship, we will never go wrong !


Ty Cobb, we salute you !

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  1. Eugen says:

    Sultry woman! The dream of a poet!


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