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Nicki Minaj Speaks to Fashion Citizen

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj’s release Pink Friday did and is doing amazingly well on the charts. Nicki stormed into the music world with mixtapes and a b-girl attitude and is now a pop star-rap diva construct with her sites set on much, much more. I was at the day job recently listening to my iPod on shuffle and her song “Here I Am” came on . . ….


Fashion Citizen Spotlight : Good Life University Clothing

Today’s featured brand is Good Life University. I was put on to this brand by their very tenacious publicist, Naomi. She was excited about letting me know about the gentleman behind this brand and I have to say, she made me excited to find out more. Once I took a look at their various shoots and insane sneakers they wore in said shoots, I was sold. The brand evoked a…


Fashion Citizen Spotlight – Born Infinite Music

Today’s interview is with musician Born I aka Born Infinite. Born Infinite is not an artist you can peg and say this is his style or this is how he’s going to come at us with this track. He jumps from genre to genre and infuses classic african drums to booming house beats in his many great hits. Check out our interview with Born Infinite.


Fashion Citizen Spotlight – Randy Brewer

What’s up everyone…it’s time again for another Fashion Citizen Spotlight.  In my daily Tumblring, I run across so many different things and so many different people that inspire me and are just plain dope.  Enter in Randy Brewer, the young cat with the cool hair from ATL. I saw Randy on my Tumblr dashboard and then I checked his Tumblr out and I said, “This kid has style.” I really…


Fashion Citizen Spotlight – Tia Warhall, Photographer

What’s up readers . . . I’d like to bring to you today, another great photographer and this young lady goes by the nom de plume of Tia Warhall, a nod to the great visionary Andy Warhol. I was put on to Tia by one of the people I met on Twitter, @amberalert123. Tia had shot Amber and I was complimenting Amber on the great shot she had up as…

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