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Fashion Citizen : L.J. Enoch-Longshore, Stylist & Model

“A Fashion Citizen is ambassador of a unique art form named fashion. I’m so proud and honored to have a small piece of it. Fashion gives us a blank canvas and with the usage of garments we can express our outlook on community and world issues by just putting on a simple t-shirt. Fashion is that powerful. Creating looks and trends to pierce the imagination. As creatives of this art…


Fashion Citizen : Jennifer Jean-Pierre, Style Influencer & Photographer

A Fashion Citizen is someone who realizes there is a big difference between fashion and style. You must inhale the fashion that is thrown into our lives by curated platforms and exhale it into style that accurately describes your personality. Your clothing choices are your way to share your art to the world. Everyday, the streets are your runway! Jennifer Jean-Pierre  


Fashion Citizen : Billy Pinkney, TV Producer

A Fashion Citizen is anyone who realizes that style is subjective, and is able to navigate fashion on their terms, not because someone told you to.  If you’re inspired by someone’s style, be inspired and let your imagination run.  If someone’s digging your style, don’t be afraid to let them know where you purchased one of your pieces.  A true Fashion Citizen has the ability to make any look their…


Fashion Citizen : Mary Charde, Stylist @ Twelve16

A Fashion Citizen is someone that doesn’t allow trends to define their style. They go against the grain and embody confidence while doing it. They have the ability to make just about anything look stylish and leave others wondering how. They encourage others to reach their full style potential and that is what a fashion citizen is to me. Mary Charde, Stylist @Twelve16


Fashion Citizen, Crystal M. (@mzcrystalbella)

It’s been a while but we’ve got another inductee into the halls of fashion citizenship. Crystal M. has a bright personality reflected in her bold style choices. She’s not afraid of statement accessories and great shoes. Being a style chameleon is something she does with ease and we’re glad to have her in our hallowed halls.   Here is what she has to say about being a fashion citizen…  …


Fashion Citizen, Winfred Diggs, Jr.

Today’s fashion citizen inductee is a little different from the ones I’ve done in the past. The young man featured today departed this life not to long ago and I had the privilege of attending his funeral service. I know you’re saying, the privilege ?! Devon, how can attending someone’s funeral be a privilege?   I’ll tell you right now. I heard all of these people speak so highly of…


Model Citizen – Orlando

IG Name:  KingODaArtiz Twitter Name: KingODaArtist Zodiac:  Aries Describe your Modeling Alter Ego in THREE WORDS: I would describe my Modeling Alter Ego as CONFIDENT, STRONG, FEARLESS What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy eating out at different restaurants and hanging out with my friends. How did you start modeling? I start modeling at a very young age, I was introduce to it by my Mentor Ms….


Fashion Citizen, Tamika Toler of MikaMo Wardrobe Styling and Image Consulting Co (@StylistMikaMo)

It’s been awhile since we’ve brought you all a fashion citizen but it’s hard work scouring the fashion faithful for one who stands out amongst the rest. Todays inductee is Tamika Toler, CEO and founder of MikaMo Wardrobe Styling and Image Consulting Co. Tamika has great style herself so I’m quite certain her clients are always satisfied with her work. Here is what Tamika had to say about being a…


Fashion Citizen, Devorne Wade, @LoveDevorne

Tis the season for red carpet premieres and launch parties…today’s Fashion Citizen inductee deftly navigated the recent Mean Girls Magazine launch party in this chic gown. When I saw the photos from the event, I knew that we had to get Devorne into the halls of fashioncitizenship post haste. This is how you do a little black dress…you add a little sheer, metallic harness detailing and flash bulbs won’t be…

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