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Fashion Citizen, Jennifer Michelle, @notjusapreTface

Today’s Fashion Citizen is Jennifer Michelle and I can say that yet again Twitter has brought another worthy inductee to Fashion Citizenship. Jennifer is a model and when you see her pics and her slick hairstyle, that’s not hard to believe. The best part about Jennifer is her amazing attitude on social networks. Twitter affords so many people the opportunity to be negative but I can say I have never…


Fashion Citizen Spotlight : Robert Tate of Fifth & Melrose (@fifthandmelrose)

I’ve known Rob Tate of Fifth & Melrose for a little while now via social networks, he’s a great supporter of FC and a sartorial savant.  With the launch of his brands vintage e-shop, http://fifthandmelrose.bigcartel.com/, I thought it a great time to feature him here on FC and find out what he thinks makes up a fashion citizen. Here’s what he said… A Fashion Citizen is someone that can keep up…


Buying Balmain…Affording Aldo (A Fashion Citizen Editorial)

Buying Balmain, affording Aldo…This phrase came to me a few days before the New Year ended and I knew I had to make this editorial happen. Social Media has perverted some of what I’ve always loved about fashion and I’m compelled to speak on it. On any given day, you’ll see Instagram or Twitter flooded with pictures of luxury items people have purchased and often a caption of how these…


Menswear from Blogger 2 Blogger, Fashion Citizen talks with Chris Law, (@FreshChrisLaw)

Ending out our week of menswear, we speak with blogger, Christian Law about men’s style from a bloggers perspective. Chris is one blogger who’s opinion I highly respect and I thought it would be an awesome end to our week on Fashion Citizen to speak with him about his opinion on all things menswear.   Fashion Citizen : What first sparked your interest in fashion and what about that spark…


Fashion Citizen x Sergio Wonder (@sergiowonder) of Sergio James

Sergio Wonder, the name alone conjures up images of an eccentric who probably dresses in international finery, speaks several languages and lives in a chic location that’s up and coming and historic at the same time. Well, Mr. Wonder may one day be all that but for the purpose of this feature he is the designer behind the accessory brand, Sergio James. His ideas about the fashion industry and where…


Fashion Citizen x Antoine Anderson (@diddyofdc) of Models Envied Entertainment & Mini ME Children Models

Not too long ago, I attended a preview of Stevie Boi’s “54” collection at Shadow Room in DC and as expected, I got a chance to see some of DC’s most interesting socialites, fashionistas, bloggers and chic people. Also at this event was Antoine Anderson aka Diddy of DC. Antoine was at said event dressed simply enough, save his blazer that caught the light with its glamorous material. Not only…


Fashion Citizen, Thomas Briscoe, Jr, @liltommyGUN

The fashion citizen inductees are rolling in and today’s inductee is Thomas Briscoe, Jr. Thomas is a man of many talents, he’s a tattoo artist, student and had just launched his clothing line called, Fortune. From what I’ve seen Thomas will do great work with this. Here’s what he had to say about being a fashion citizen To me a fashion citizen is someone who is highly influenced by art…


Fashion Citizen, Shawn Cruz, @mrShawnCruz

Today’s inductee in to the Fashion Citizen hall is Shawn Cruz, a model from Richmond, VA who’s based in NY. I’d like to thank the folks at DRESSED Magazine introducing me via Twitter to Shawn. Shawn is a rising star in the industry and stands out thanks to his tattooed frame. Check out Shawn’s latest promo video Here is what Shawn had to say about being a fashion citizen A fashion citizen, to…


Fashion Citizen, Kimee Brown, @FashionEvryWeek

Good morning Fashion Citizens, I hope you all had a great long weekend. We’re back with another inductee into the Hall of Fashion Citizendom, if you will. Let’s welcome Kimee Brown, the fashion director for NeonV Magazine. Here is what Kimee had to say about being a fashion citizen… a fashion citizen is any man, woman, or child whose style is authentic, whose style isn’t a walking billboard trend report,…


Fashion Citizen, Isaiah Johnson, @acollectedgent

We’re back with another installment or induction I guess you could say into the hall of Fashion Citizen. This time it’s a fellow blogger and stylish gent, Isaiah Johnson who runs A Collected Gentleman. I was featured on Isaiah’s blog not too long ago and I had to feature him here. Isaiah is always well put together on his outfit posts yet there are always elements of personal style injected…

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