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Fashion Citizen, Prom Edition : Latonya Rickman (@yayaxtipley)

Let me start this post by saying that of the prom looks I’ve seen this year, many have left much to be desired. Young ladies in poorly fitted gowns with an absence of proper foundation garments and bras. Gentleman looking informal, uncomfortable and all together in need of a style intervention. Now before you say people can express personal style how they want, I’ll say you’re right but a formal…


Fashion Citizen, Alexandra Smith, @AisforAlex

Today’s Fashion Citizen inductee is Alexandra Smith, head designer of shop ALS jewelry. Besides being a single mom of a very precocious young lady and a burgeoning photographer, Alex is a jewelry designer and I own several of her pieces myself. Alex’s style is very easy and chic but it’s always stylish. Here’s what she had to say about what a Fashion Citizen is… Personally I think that a fashion…


Fashion Citizen, Jay Caldwell, @justcoolinjay

In my quest for new fashion citizens, I often have to look no further than my twitter followers. In this case, I bring to you Jay Caldwell of http://justcoolinjay.tumblr.com/. This dude has quite a following on Twitter and he maintains a trendy style while avoiding the dreaded “hypebeast” label. Check out what Jay had to say about being a fashion citizen… In my opinion, fashion is the art of displaying originality….


Fashion Citizen, Elliot Knight, @robby_boto

Today’s fashion citizen is a young guy out of NY, Elliott Knight. I’ve known Elliott via Twitter for a good while and he’s a supporter of the site not to mention a burgeoning intellectual. Check out Elliott’s definition of a fashion citizen I believe a fashion citizen is someone who knows that fashion is an art more than a capitalistic merchandising market. Inspirations can be taken from high-end runaway fashion…


Fashion Citizen, Ryan T. Dennis, @bentley4short

Today’s Fashion Citizen comes to us in the person of Ryan T. Dennis of Introducing Mr. Bentley. Ryan’s style is classic gentleman mixed with trendy pieces that keep his looks interesting. Along with running his site, Ryan is launching his own line of pocket squares very soon and from the pieces I’ve seen, the stylish gents will want to look out for his pieces. Here is what Ryan had to…


Fashion Citizen, Brian Suber, @_Suber, Designer

I’ve got another inductee into Fashion Citizenship in the person of designer, Brian Suber. Brian has a very unique sense of style and that creativity flows through all the designs that he produces. With a few new projects soon to be unveiled, I wanted to see what Brian’s idea of a fashion citizen is…here’s what he had to say A Fashion Citizen is one who is true to him or…


Fashion Citizen, Nicholas Ryan Gant, @ghetto_falsetto

This week’s Fashion Citizen is not only a stylish gent but he’s one hell of a vocalist. Nicholas Ryan Gant is one of few vocalist who can nail an acappella album effortlessly as well as sing a ballad with a nice smooth track backing him. Nicholas isn’t all music though, he’s also very stylish on the stages that he graces as well. Here’s what Nicholas had to say about being…


Fashion Citizen, Nadia Taylor, @NadiBadGal

Today’s Fashion Citizen is a woman who excels at doing whatever she finds to do. Nadia Taylor is the kind of woman who makes fashion seem effortless and organic. I don’t want to give a way too much. Here’s what she had to say Being a Fashion Citizen means having the ability to adapt. Being a mother, radio personality, career woman, role model and so much more, having the ability…


Fashion Citizen, Derrick Johnson @DJsoDOPE (Model)

Today’s Fashion Citizen is Derrick Johnson, a model from the DC area. I ran into Derrick at The Trunk Series, a recent event in the area and Derrick’s style stood out above the rest. While there were jeans and foamsites, khakis and chukka boots, Derrick was outfitted in slim pants, velvet loafers and a sharply tailored jacket. Here is what Derrick had to say about being a Fashion Citizen A Fashion…


Fashion Citizen : Candace Woods (@Ms_Socialite)

Today’s Fashion Citizen has very special meaning to this editor. Candace Woods of Cardigans and Pearls has been a long time supporter of Fashion Citizen and that means a whole lot. I appreciate everyone who sends me kind words via Twitter and who comment on the blog, but Candace is so special and I’d like to take this time to let her know it. After the “more”, you can find out…

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