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The Interview About Something…Fashion Citizen talks with Ron O’Neal

Fashion Citizen has become about a lot more than just fashion and clothing, but it’s developed into a platform where I can bring outstanding men and women to the forefront and showcase them to the world. I take great pleasure in this, especially when I can bring you someone from my hometown, Washington, DC. This area has such a rich pool of talent and creativity and it’s high time that…


Fashion Citizen : Reggie Black of BLACK Collection

The above pic is of designer Reggie Black of BLACK Collection, a dope man and friend of Fashion Citizen. Reggie snapped this pic during NYFW and I had to ask him to be a Fashion Citizen. He’s wearing the F*ck Your Feelings Tee from The Raw Series by Ashley Brielle for BLACK Collection. Reggie has always been a simplistic dresser but the details are always what makes his look. Take…


Fashion Citizen : Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

    We’re back again with another installment of Fashion Citizen and our inductee is none other than Marie Denee of Curvy Fashionista. I’m excited to feature her here because the curvy women that I’ve talked to via Fashion Citizen and the ones that I know personally are quite the fashionistas. We all know runways don’t showcase women with curves but Marie is proof positive that being left off of…


Fashion Citizen : Jayne Kennedi (@JAYNEKENNEDI)

  I’d like to bring to you another installment of Fashion Citizen and this candidate is someone that I’ve known for quite a long time and through the magic of Twitter (lol) reconnected with. Our Fashion Citizen today is Jayne Kennedi, an uber talented music artist out of the DC area.  Jayne’s eclectic style is just as unique as the music she produces. After the “more” find out what Jayne thinks about…


Summer Sundress Citizen – Shauntrice

Happy Friday folks…as promised today is the first installment of our Summer Sundress Citizen series.  Sundresses are a staple in the summer wardrobe of most women, so I’d like to showcase women in their favorite sundresses…feeling fancy free for the summer. Our first submission is from a good friend of Fashion Citizen, Shauntrice of Shop Free Lunch in a thrifted floral sundress. Let me say that thrifting is an art…


Fashion Citizen – Carrington B. (@JustCarrington)

  Today’s Fashion Citizen is a gentleman by the name of Carrington and he’s a man about town in the DC area. I saw Carrington’s style on Tumblr and it was pretty much solidified that he’d appear here as a Fashion Citizen. After the more, check out his words on what being a Fashion Citizen is to him and more shots of his style.


Fashion Citizen – Beau Averee (@BeauAveree)

What do you get when you take the style of Studio 54, a shock of curly hair and confidence off the meter ?? You get our Fashion Citizen, Beau Averee. I spotted Beau on Twitter and I had to highlight this guy because he’s one of few folks I’ve seen who has his own style and manages to execute it in a way that makes it believable, not character-like in…


Fashion Citizen of the Week – Eric D. Wills

What’s up folks… I’m glad to see that you all are making Fashion Citizen of the Week submissions, keep them coming !! This week’s Fashion Citizen is Eric Wills, a photographer, graphic/web designer and renaissance man. I’m a huge fan of Eric’s photography and have come to admire his style through his photography postings on his Tumblr. Here is what Eric had to say about being a Fashion Citizen. To…


Fashion Citizen of The Week – Raytell Travon

We’ve got another Fashion Citizen of the Week and this time he hails all the way from New York, NY. The gents are stepping up with their style, ladies you’ve got to make yourselves known !! This week’s citizen is Raytell Travon, a model from New York, New York and here’s what he had to say about his look How I dress is simply put; a reflection of my emotional…

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