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Fashion Citizen of the Week – Eric D. Wills

What’s up folks… I’m glad to see that you all are making Fashion Citizen of the Week submissions, keep them coming !! This week’s Fashion Citizen is Eric Wills, a photographer, graphic/web designer and renaissance man. I’m a huge fan of Eric’s photography and have come to admire his style through his photography postings on his Tumblr. Here is what Eric had to say about being a Fashion Citizen. To…


Fashion Citizen of The Week – Raytell Travon

We’ve got another Fashion Citizen of the Week and this time he hails all the way from New York, NY. The gents are stepping up with their style, ladies you’ve got to make yourselves known !! This week’s citizen is Raytell Travon, a model from New York, New York and here’s what he had to say about his look How I dress is simply put; a reflection of my emotional…



May 2009 issue of W Magazine and I saw the beautiful Lara Stone for the first time. It wasn’t just her striking beauty but the fact that she wasn’t pin thin skinny, this woman had an actual bustline and curves. After this, it was great to see Laura in my favorite fashion magazines in editorials and ads. It was said, at one point, that Lara had been told to lose…


Model Spotlight – Chelsea Brown

I received an email a little while ago from Whitney Alana about her client Chelsea Brown, an up and coming model. Here’s what she had to say on her client. Chelsea Brown is from Richmond, Va and attends Virginia Union University as a Mass Comm. major. Chelsea was on the first episode of ANTM, as well as winning a few modeling contests in Richmond, Va. Ultimately she plans to relocate…


Fashion Citizen of the Week – Angel Suri (@UrbanePR)

Finally, finally, finally . . . one of my readers has submitted a photo for Fashion Citizen of the Week. This weeks’ fashion citizen is Angel Suri of Urbane PR & Marketing. This dude is not only a very stylish individual but he also is starting his own PR & Marketing firm. Angel says that his style is a mix of luxury and everyday brands. High and Low end mixing…

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