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Black History Month Spotlight : Kym Lee

The best thing about being black is…well…everything ! I agree with some Taraji P. Henson said recently, in that, we are enough and we’ve always been enough. Our featured person today works very hard and is definitely more than enough ! Her name is Kym Lee and she’s an MUA, motivational speaker and minister. I’m sure I’ve left something out because Kym is one of the busiest ladies I know….


Black History Month Spotlight : Brandon Williamson

Our spotlights continue with brand owner and style architect, Brandon Williamson. Brandon pretty much revolutionized leather wear for all seasons. In this bloggers opinion, leather wasn’t as widely used in everyday wear when Brandon started doing it. Leather shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, shorts and then some came out of his brand PRSVR. I actually got a chance to talk with Brandon here on Fashion Citizen in 2011. Fast forward 5 years…


Black History Month Spotlight : Ursula Fisher

It seems like there are few people around who genuinely enjoy helping people out. Not expecting anything back. Not doing a video for social media as they help. Not telling everyone about how helpful and selfless they are. Just helpful. A heart to help others and see them shine. Today’s feature is the embodiment of what it means to be selfless. Ursula Fisher is a helper. Her day job involves…


Black History Month Spotlight : Turahn Gilliam

Fashion is a great and vast world. There’s no way we can cover it all but each and every facet needs to be addressed. TurahnĀ is one of those folks who aims to do something about it. He’s one of the people involved in a new concept e-commerce site called Phresh XL. This site is looking to bridge the gap between stylish clothing and big & tall men. This is definitely…


Black History Month Spotlight : Cheryl Jackson

Greatness takes time and when the time is right, it’s right. There’s no better example of this than Cheryl Jackson, media maven & radio personality on Praise 104.1 & Praise 106.1. Cheryl celebrated 25 years in radio last year to much fanfare and even though it was a time of celebration, she was working harder than ever. One of the most notable things about Ms. Jackson’s radio voice is its…


Black History Month Spotlight : Hustle Simmons

Chances are if you’re involved in hip-hop music today, you’ve heard the name Hustle Simmons. His Hustlepalooza shows have given rise to some great artists and rocked quite a few major cities with some of the best parties they’ve ever seen. He’s also dabbled a bit in fashion and as such is an influencer with much clout. Don’t believe me? Just check out his Instagram some time and see him…


Black History Month Spotlight : Whittney Jackson

We’re keeping things going by honoring a notable black person every day of February. Today is no different as we focus our eyes on Whittney Jackson. Whittney is a singer but that doesn’t seem to really encompass what she does. She’s more like an atmosphere changer. One of those people that doesn’t just sing gospel music but lives it out and then sings you into her story of living. She’s…


Black History Month Spotlight : Shawn Outen

Shawn Outen is today’s feature in our month long celebration of Black History Month. Shawn is a well known model and brand ambassador for brands such as Creative Recreation and CORE. Shawn effortlessly transitions from streetwear to a suit and tie in front of the camera, selling each look. In that same vein, Shawn has his own brand that blends his artistic agility with wearable pieces. Recently, Shawn has begun…


Black History Month Spotlight : TaKeyia Monique

Today’s feature is another go-getter and she goes by TaKeyia Monique. She’s a PR dynamo, brand management specialist, event specialist & designer, social media maven and the list goes on. TaKeyia is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her clients. She gets the best out of them and provides the best for them. I’ve worked with this powerful woman many times and it’s impossible not to…


Black History Month Spotlight : Apuje Kalu

Our feature today is stylist, Apuje Kalu. Have you seen a singer by the name of Ne-Yo lately? Yes. The 3 time Grammy winner… You know those great suits, how pulled together his looks are…well most likely, that’s Apuje’s work. When Apuje isn’t styling R&B greats, he’s styling magazine layouts and covers featuring people like LaLa Anthony, Sanaa Lathan, Tone Bell, and Derek Hough just to name a few. Apuje…

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