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Fashion Citizen Music Inspiration : Carrie Underwood’s (@carrieunderwood) Two Black Cadillacs

Carrie Underwood’s new release, “Blown Away” has been playing on my iPod since it released and one stand out for me has been the song Two Black Cadillacs. The song is intriguing because it starts off with two women, a wife and a mistress approaching a cemetery and meeting for the first time. You’d think at such a tragic event, the mistress would try and stay low key but you’d be…


New Video from Nicholas Ryan Gant (@Ghetto_Falsetto) Memory + Words from Nicholas

The video was shot and directed by Matthew Henderson and features choreography by Francine Ott. Memory is another one of my favorites from the album because sometimes memories are the best part of a relationship. You can choose to relive all the good and loving moments and nix the bad. Before we get to the video, here’s what Nicholas had to say to Fashion Citizens about his new album, “Promises” Promises…


Nicholas Ryan Gant (@ghetto_falsetto) releases 1st full length album, Promises

A few months ago, I was invited by Nicholas to check out his show at Ben’s Next Door in DC. I had heard his previous releases but a live show, in my opinion, gives you a good chance to hear what an artist can really do. I got a front row table and backed by a live band who are members of the soulful group, Black Alley, Nicholas blew the…


Fashion Citizen Rocks Out To…Brianna Perry’s (@briannatheyrb) Marilyn Monroe

I’ve got another jam for my fashion citizen ladies from Brianna Perry. I heard her when I was jammin’ this weekend riding around on a track from SWV’s new release “I Missed Us” and the track is called Do Ya. Brianna rode the beat like a seasoned pro, so I had to find out more about this girl. As I was searching I found her mixtape Face Off and the…


Fashion Citizen Recommends…Breakfast In Bed by @cortez_mars

  Today I’d like to bring to you the sounds of Breakfast in Bed by the young homie, Cortez Mars. Cortez hit me up via Twitter and sent me the link to his mixtape. Now, I don’t normally check out music because as you know, this is a fashion blog and I try to keep everything fashion related. I will say this about Cortez Mars, his looks and the way…


The Face of Hip Hop – G’Town Wayne & Holleywood releases 23

DMV area’s G’Town Wayne & Holleywood are releasing their much anticipated project “23” on February 23. Fashion Citizen would like to hip you to these dope musicians, check their bios below G’Town Wayne: Born and raised in the inner city areas of Washington, DC and Maryland, Randy ‘D’Wayne’ Everett, more commonly known by his stage name, D’Wayne, is no stranger to his share of trials and tribulations. Now 21 years…


Devin Kowl @ Blues Alley on 11/3 – 8pm & 10pm

Upper Marlboro, MD – Singer, song writer, and dancer, Devin Kowl, performs at the acclaimed Blues Alley in Washington, DC on November 3rd at 8pm. The Songwriters Association of Washington presents On the Rise. A showcase created to spotlight emerging artists of Soul and R&B music.  Devin is one of a handful of local and nationally artists chosen for an event of talent. The Songwriters Association of Washington will also showcase a select group of…


M.I.L.K. Trailer x The M.I.L.K. EP by ACEG (@ACEG_MUSIC)

Terrence (T. Brown), who has done composing and producing on various albums and motion pictures, has just released his very own EP on itunes entitled M.I.L.K.. For his solo project, he goes by the name ACEG. ACEG or Terrence L. Brown is also the Music Director and keyboardist for the Grammy-nominated recording artist Janelle Monae. You can download ACEG’s EP M.I.L.K. on Itunes here. Follow Terrence on twitter @aPimpNamedT and  @ACEG_MUSIC for more…

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