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Trend Watch : 70’s Chic…For Less

I have to admit that when I first thought of 70’s fashion I wasn’t really intrigued by it. With all of the in your face of the Studio 54 era, I couldn’t see past the shine and shimmer. The wide leg jean began to resurface recently and the lines of the jean really drew me in. Lengthening a silhouette is such a great thing in womenswear and when it’s done…


#LiberiaVsEverybody Talk || @Africanistipod x @unkutDOPE Podcast : Tribal Talk

  Our friends at UnkutDOPE got a chance to sit down with the hosts of The Africanist’s Tribal Talk to discuss their brand, Liberia and many other interesting topics. I got a chance to listen to the podcast last night and it was informative and very candid. The gents at The Africanist have a hilarious way of doing their show while dropping knowledge about African culture and the many ways that…


Fruit Work !

Cold or frozen fruit on a hot summer day is so refreshing. A crisp piece of watermelon or frozen grapes have a way of refreshing you after a long hot day of work. Fruit prints are just as cool and crisp. They’re a way to maintain a sense of whimsy without sacrificing your adulthood.  You can go for an all over fruit print or use a bag or other accessory…


McDonald’s Fresh Out The Box Campaign featuring @PRSVR

I’m super excited to bring to you a new development for our friends over at Chicago fashion house, PRSVR.  They’ve been recently featured in a McDonald’s commercial and we’ve got it ! Check out the news from the brand below. Call it genius, call it strategy, or call it just good timing, McDonald’s pays homage to sneaker and fashion communities as they launch their new line of limited edition Sirloin Third…


Fashion Citizen Throwback : Linda Evangelista x Chanel

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the history of fashion and Linda Evangelista is one of the greats. She just celebrated her 50th birthday and she looks amazing, just take a gander at her recent appearance at the 2015 MET Ball. It’s worth going back to review some of the great moments Linda had with one of the most iconic brands, Chanel. It seemed Linda and Chanel…


East Dane’s Friends & Family Sale

Our friends at East Dane are having a great sale for their friends & family and Fashion Citizen gents are in that number ! This sale allows you to get 25% off of your total purchase and there are some great items at East Dane to purchase from Hender Scheme to DSquared2. Make sure you check out everything before checking out. The sale will last until April 12th, 2015 at…


Support Is Not A Two Way Street

I’ve been contemplating writing this piece for a minute now. It all started back when I decided to finally put out the Fashion Citizen t-shirts. I had a whole bunch of people telling me to do it but the time never felt right. I decided to bite the bullet in the middle of the night and launch the shirts. After pressing the button to activate the campaign, I decided to…


Fashion Citizen X Bonobos Guide Shop : Take 2 (Spring 2015)

I went by the Bonobos Guideshop opening in Montgomery Mall today and got a chance to go through an actual shopping experience with Director of Retail, Ron Thurston. Ron was impeccably dressed, in Bonobos of course and we got right down to what you can expect from the brand this spring. There are prints everywhere ! Bright and bold as well as subtle prints are a big thing with Bonobos…


Event Recap : Erica’s Table of 20 with Shateria Moragne-El

With a great start in the new year clothing designer of FRONTROW; Shateria Moragne-El was the guest speaker of the women empowerment series “Erica’s Table of 20”. Erica’s Table of 20 is an exclusive, chic dining experience, created by Fashion Publicist Erica Dias of The B Firm PR.  This luncheon provides a platform for  business women and men to connect, share their stories on success, voice business tips, and provide…

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