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Errol B. Williamson, Jr. | The Bespoken Mogul

The art of being a gentleman is big business these days, anything from guides to growing the perfect beard to the top 5 suits that you need in your closet. How do you sift through the sea of information? How can you make your inner gentleman rise to the surface? Men like Errol B. Williamson, Jr. aim to help you figure things out and keep you well dressed while doing…


Menswear from Blogger 2 Blogger, Fashion Citizen talks with Chris Law, (@FreshChrisLaw)

Ending out our week of menswear, we speak with blogger, Christian Law about men’s style from a bloggers perspective. Chris is one blogger who’s opinion I highly respect and I thought it would be an awesome end to our week on Fashion Citizen to speak with him about his opinion on all things menswear.   Fashion Citizen : What first sparked your interest in fashion and what about that spark…


Fashion Citizen x Michael Sin of Urban Cargo, Men’s Lifestyle E-Botique (@UrbanCargo)

A while back on my radio spot on the Elite Morning Mix of WEDC Radio, I spoke about gentleman keeping a good grooming routine. Men maintaining good skin and proper grooming standards is something that needs to get more discussion and more consumer attention. There is nothing wrong with having clear skin, facial hair that’s properly trimmed or a beard that’s moisturized. With all that being said, I found out…

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