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Sock It To Me Fall 2017 Sock Collection Selections

Hey folks ! I’m back with a post on one of my favorite accessories and that is socks. They’re a great way to make a suit more interesting or add some fun to a casual look. One of my new favorite ways to wear my patterned socks is with a pair of slides. Now, I know that that’s not really ground breaking but I think it’s a fun way to…


Fashion Citizen Wears : Grinders 24/7 G’s Chenille Patch Snapback

If you’ve followed the blog or my Instagram for any amount of time, you know that highlighting and talking about new brands is something I enjoy very much. When Grinders 24/7 came on the scene, I was very excited. I’ve known the CEO for a long time and when you know the backstory to a brand, it’s almost like a personal investment when you see them begin to drop pieces….


RESPECT by PRSVR DC Store Opening

This Friday in DC, Chicago brand PRSVR held the grand opening for their RESPECT by PRSVR boutique. DC came out in grand fashion to celebrate the opening and support owners, Brandon & Margaret Williamson. The event was sponsored by DUSSE’ cognac and they provided delectable treats flavored with their smooth libation. The fashionable folks came out, shopped and perused the wares of PRSVR. This brand is one of the the…


Top 5 Men’s Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York

So it looks like we may finally be out of the woods with the crazy weather, so with the sun shining bright and the outdoors becoming the place to be, you’re going to need a great pair of sunglasses. Here’s the thing, it’s way more than just a incognito way to people watch and look cool in your latest look. Prolonged eye exposure to direct sunlight can be damaging, so…


Fashion Citizen Feature : Jevon Austin of Rich Styles Collection

Fashion Citizen: Can you start by telling us how you evolved from Jevon into Rich Styles? Rich Styles: It was a very strategic move and one that I am very proud of. My childhood dream was to design and I didn’t have any schooling to back it, I was pretty intimidated by the industry. I felt I would be overlooked, so with that being said I chose to brand myself…


Renee Çabaçtnoh Fall 2015

What does Star Wars, Stained Glass and Distressed Denim have in common? You might not think that they relate at all but in the world of Renee Çabaçtnoh, they are all working together for the Fall 2015 collection. Creative Director and Head Designer, Brian Patterson has one of the most creative and intuitive minds in the DC metro area. Brian uses influences from  near and far to create his pieces…


Menswear Minute : Memoris Watch by Louis Moinet

Screenwriter Ben Hecht said, “Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.” No doubt Mr. Hecht appreciated the value of time when writing and producing plays and films. Time is one of our most precious resources and once it’s gone there is no way to get it back. With this knowledge, we have always sought to measure time and keep track of eventful happenings as we live our…


Errol B. Williamson, Jr. | The Bespoken Mogul

The art of being a gentleman is big business these days, anything from guides to growing the perfect beard to the top 5 suits that you need in your closet. How do you sift through the sea of information? How can you make your inner gentleman rise to the surface? Men like Errol B. Williamson, Jr. aim to help you figure things out and keep you well dressed while doing…


Luxe Neckwear : The Two Piece Tie

When I received word from Luxe Neckwear about trying out their neckties, I was excited to see this necktie that had one of those cool, elaborate knots. I admit as a frequent neck tie wearer that I sometimes want to switch things up between my regular full windsor knot. The problem was when I saw instructions on how to tie those knots, I just gave up and tied my regular knot…


Menswear Minute : You Deserve A Good Hat

It’s become a recent affinity of mine to find a great hat. Not a fitted cap, I’ve got those. Not a snapback, I have some pretty good ones too but a hat, a grown man hat. You know one of those hats that make you feel like you need a great overcoat and a crisp pair of raw denim under them. As with most things that pop into my head,…

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