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FC Spotlight : Fuggit, Knit Sneaker Slippers

It’s an amazing thing to be a blogger. We have access to so much and it’s our duty to expose the great things we come across to our readers. I came across Fuggit after reading a feature on them at Unkut Dope. Their mission of bringing an end to sneaker related violence through community involvement and their unique brand of crocheted slippers is admirable and deserves as much media attention…


FC Feature : Jon Narcisso of Jon Narcisso, Luxury Headwear & Accessories

Fashion Citizen : There was a time when wearing a hat was synonymous with being a gentleman, what do you think changed that or are we heading back to those days? Jon Narcisso : Absolutely, I think menswear is heading back to the original gentleman’s style. The culture of menswear has started to take the forefront in fashion and Social Media has placed it on a platform where its becoming mainstream….


Menswear Minute : Poolside Essentials

What better way to enjoy warm weather than lounging by a nice body of water. Whether you are sitting by a pool or a by an ocean, it’s important to have a few essentials. Sunblock, sunglasses, and an iPod full of your best tunes aside, there are a few things that should go along with you while you lounge during the warm days ahead of us.   The essentials are…


Renee Cabaçtnoh SP 2015 : Baewatch Collection

Our friends at Renee Cabaçtnoh have released their Spring/Summer 2015 pieces and if you’re getting a sense of nostalgia, then you’re right on board. A little bit of the late 80’s with the bucket hats and early 90’s with the crop top’s and your favorite beach show references. Brian Patterson, the creative director of the brand, produced a fun collection that will surely bring you current and allow you to…


McDonald’s Fresh Out The Box Campaign featuring @PRSVR

I’m super excited to bring to you a new development for our friends over at Chicago fashion house, PRSVR.  They’ve been recently featured in a McDonald’s commercial and we’ve got it ! Check out the news from the brand below. Call it genius, call it strategy, or call it just good timing, McDonald’s pays homage to sneaker and fashion communities as they launch their new line of limited edition Sirloin Third…


Menswear Minute : Made In The Shade

The sun is out and a good pair of shades is pretty essential. Protecting your eyes doesn’t have to be just about utility anymore, there are so many stylish options for gents these days. I’m more of a classic guy, wearing a good pair of aviators are alright for me but just recently I’ve felt the need to get a nice pair of hipster mirror lenses. Maybe a tortoise shell…


Menswear Minute : Make A “Print” on Spring

I know we’ve talked about prints here before but it begs mentioning again since we’ve officially left the cold days of our extended winter behind. The warmer weather brings with it a change in materials and color schemes. This season, prints both subtle and vibrant are necessary in the wardrobe of the stylish gent. I went searching through East Dane to give you some insight on how you can make…


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide : What To Get Your Gent !

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the gift shopping is getting underway. Generally, men get the short end of the stick when it comes to this day and we’re expected to move heaven and earth for our lovely ladies. While a good romp is certainly welcome, there are a few other things that we would enjoy as well. I asked around and got a few ideas from my friends on…


Rahn Devri x Rahn Devri Collection

Fashion Citizen : Can you tell us about the start of the company, Rahn Devri Collection? Rahn Devri : I started out as a kid always using different creative outlets. Growing up in the inner city, you had to have an outlet in order to stay positive and motivated. Narrowing down my creativity to fashion came later and I encountered a few road blocks in pursuing that avenue. I moved to…


Real Mean Read

Vera Nazerian said, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” Books do illuminate the mind on new topics and also different outlooks on some of the same topics that we may already be familiar with. A gentleman can have a great wardrobe, great shoes and even drink the finest of spirits but if he is without books, what kind…

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