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New Baggage for 2015 — The Man Bag Myth

The man bag has long been a topic that divides gentleman. There are those who agree that any bag a man carries is a “man bag” and then there are those who say that specific bags are destined for the use of the gentleman on the go. Being a man on the go does mean that most times you will be traveling with a few items and you want a…


Guys Pantone Too…2015’s Pantone Color of the Year + Style Tips

The 2015 Pantone color of the year is Marsala.  Pantone describes this color as a naturally robust or earthy wine red. This is a bit less intense than oxblood which had a great run in menswear.  You can incorporate this color into your wardrobe pretty easily as it pairs well with many basic colors, black, grey, brown and blue. I wanted to scan East Dane, a favorite menswear site of…


Mack Weldon 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

The great folks at Mack Weldon have released their holiday gift guide with a few bundles of joy for YOUR bundles of joy. Mack Weldon underwear is one of the best on the market and I can say that because I wear them and what they say about their products is certainly true. Check out their gift guide at the link below and also stay tuned to the Fashion Citizen…


What’s On Your Feet, Dude ?!

Men’s socks have fast become an accessory on par with the shoes that they go inside. It’s important that when purchasing socks that you look for quality and the statement they make. Some days you might want a loud graphic print and others you may want simple stripes, either way make sure that the sock is appropriate to the outfit. There is certainly room to mix things up as gents…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Flud Sneaker Backpack

I’ve heard about these backpacks for sometime and they finally put a better one out. The Flud Sneaker Backpack is a concept with Flud and Mayor. Mayor is a great sneaker enthusiast of Air Force 1’s and many hard to find kicks. This collab  kept this in mind for people that like to change up there gear at a moments notice. The backpack has an extra compartment that allows people to…


Menswear Minute || Hats, Gloves & Scarves || via East Dane

Having good accessories is just as important as the outfit itself. As the weather gets colder, most of us are starting to go through our closets and resurrect coats, hats and gloves. Over time hats and gloves wear out and we even outgrow some of the styles that we’ve purchased. Men who appreciate good style will seek to maintain a classic appeal to their look with their own spin on…


What’s Under There : FC Reviews the Smart Underwear of @MackWeldon

photo credit : Mack Weldon's Pinterest

Underwear is a touchy subject and even more so for gentleman. In my experience giving style advice, male clients tend to need a little more coaxing to step out of their usual box and try newer looks. If it’s that hard to get a gentleman to try a new color imagine the battle of trying to get gents to try new underwear. Well I sympathize with these guys. I like…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Just Don x Been Trill NBA Collection

Been Trill has been killing the urban market for the last couple of years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They have recently partnered up with the luxurious JUST DON hats to give us a dope collaboration. The Been Trill x Just Don starter hats combine luxurious snake skin brim, Mitchell Ness hat, Been Trill infamous hash tag, and Just Don signature logo on the back strap adjustment. These…


Men’s Trends 2014 – Layering Made Easy

One of my favorite trends for the fall has to be layering. Layering is one of those things that never really goes out of style; it’s components just switch around every few years. The key to layering properly is how you build. You don’t want to layer just anything because you will end up with a bulky look that will add visual weight and most likely cause you to sweat…


Victorinox’s NEW Alliance Watch…The Gentleman’s Choice

Victorinox has updated their Alliance watch for 2014 with subtle signature details, the second hand now sports the famous Victorinox red, as does the ‘Automatic inscription on the dial. The watch is also available with two faces, dark grey or eggshell, and two bracelets, polished and satined steel and ecologically tanned black leather. The Alliance returns Victorinox to it’s watchmaking roots, giving the consumer a timepiece that simply tells time….

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