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RESPECT by PRSVR DC Store Opening

This Friday in DC, Chicago brand PRSVR held the grand opening for their RESPECT by PRSVR boutique. DC came out in grand fashion to celebrate the opening and support owners, Brandon & Margaret Williamson. The event was sponsored by DUSSE’ cognac and they provided delectable treats flavored with their smooth libation. The fashionable folks came out, shopped and perused the wares of PRSVR. This brand is one of the the…


Fashion Citizen Feature : Jevon Austin of Rich Styles Collection

Fashion Citizen: Can you start by telling us how you evolved from Jevon into Rich Styles? Rich Styles: It was a very strategic move and one that I am very proud of. My childhood dream was to design and I didn’t have any schooling to back it, I was pretty intimidated by the industry. I felt I would be overlooked, so with that being said I chose to brand myself…


Native Shoes Fall/Winter 2015 : The Fitzroy Boot

  Last week I had the privilege of attending the Native Shoe release at Maketto on H St in Washington, DC. The Native family was all abuzz about the new collection and talking about it was just as interesting as seeing the actual pieces themselves. The collection hinges on hues from different cultures around the world and draws on international vibes and tribes. Pretty cool idea right?   I thought…


FC Spotlight : Fuggit, Knit Sneaker Slippers

It’s an amazing thing to be a blogger. We have access to so much and it’s our duty to expose the great things we come across to our readers. I came across Fuggit after reading a feature on them at Unkut Dope. Their mission of bringing an end to sneaker related violence through community involvement and their unique brand of crocheted slippers is admirable and deserves as much media attention…


Menswear Minute : Summer Shoe Survival

Hot weather makes you rethink many things and your style is certainly one of them. You’ve got to manage to stay cool and not sacrifice your style. There is also the fact that you have to dress appropriately for where you’re going, work, worship or a day party, each one requires a different sort of look. Footwear can make or break an outfit and you shouldn’t spend all of your…


Menswear Minute : Poolside Essentials

What better way to enjoy warm weather than lounging by a nice body of water. Whether you are sitting by a pool or a by an ocean, it’s important to have a few essentials. Sunblock, sunglasses, and an iPod full of your best tunes aside, there are a few things that should go along with you while you lounge during the warm days ahead of us.   The essentials are…


McDonald’s Fresh Out The Box Campaign featuring @PRSVR

I’m super excited to bring to you a new development for our friends over at Chicago fashion house, PRSVR.  They’ve been recently featured in a McDonald’s commercial and we’ve got it ! Check out the news from the brand below. Call it genius, call it strategy, or call it just good timing, McDonald’s pays homage to sneaker and fashion communities as they launch their new line of limited edition Sirloin Third…


Menswear Minute | The White Out : Spring 2015

We are fully out of the doldrums of Winter (we hope) and it’s time to get our minds on what aesthetic will carry us through the warm months. As much reading and research as I’ve done, I can’t escape the idea that white is going to play a major role in how we dress this spring and summer. Whether we dress head to toe in the refreshing color or pair…


Band of Outsiders x Sperry Top Sider

It looks like the weather is finally breaking and with that our wardrobes can get a little lighter too. I got my first pair of Sperry’s last year and I pretty much wore them every chance that I got. They were comfortable and provided a more polished look than my usual sneakers and jeans. When I saw the newest collab between Band of Outsiders x Sperry Top-Sider I knew I…


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide : What To Get Your Gent !

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the gift shopping is getting underway. Generally, men get the short end of the stick when it comes to this day and we’re expected to move heaven and earth for our lovely ladies. While a good romp is certainly welcome, there are a few other things that we would enjoy as well. I asked around and got a few ideas from my friends on…

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