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Gentleman Dress Better : How To Wear Tweed

Characters like Chalky White, big time racketeers, always seemed to be impeccably dressed while doing the most dastardly of deeds. As far back as this blogger can tell, criminals of old always dressed well. Full suits, hats and coats…these men were on the most wanted list but also the best dressed. One material they seemed especially fond of in the colder months and that’s tweed. Tweed’s origin can be traced…


Fashion Citizen Find : OntFront (@OntFront) Wing Tip Boots

Fall is already upon us and here at Fashion Citizen we like to make sure we give the gentleman out there something to help them dress better each season. The good folks over at OntFront have released a Wing Tip Boot and it’s a HOT item. Be sure to check out the details below and make sure you order yours now ! This autumn Dutch menswear label OntFront founded by…


Fashion Citizen News : WizzolX x Adidas Sneaker

Word on the Fashion Citizen streets is that Greatness WX designer, Dan’te Brown aka WizzolX is going to be releasing a shoe with Adidas that’s going to blow everyone’s mind. Wizzolx is remaining hush because the shoe release is going to coincide with the WizzolX Auction Gallery event that is soon to happen in DC. Sources say that the shoe is very exclusive and only a few are going to be…


State of The Sneaker Union with Jourdan A. (@2TooFraiche)

You know how every year the president gets on television and tells us what’s going on with our country, the ups, downs, what his plans are and the like? The sneaker game has changed quite a bit in recent years with more high end designers throwing their hat in the ring. We’ve got Balenciaga trainers and Givenchy high tops right next to Nike and Adidas. Is luxe better? Have the…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Mark McNairy x Bodega Casual Shoes

Mark McNairy has done it again. This time he has done it with Bodega up in Boston. These shoes are fantasic in my eyes with a new black suit. These will definitely change your footwear game up if your not into sneakers. Especially the leopard print on the toe box, everybody will asked where you got them from. You can find them at Bodega up in Boston. Here’s the link:…


Folkz Fashion with @WhiteFolkz – Jeremy Scott (@ITSJEREMYSCOTT) Camo Bear Adidas Sneakers

Folkz here! Wasshaddnin? I know it’s been a minute since my last installment but I’m back. Did you miss me? Let me cut to the chase. I discovered a mall that I knew nothing about. Let me start by mentioning that I typically stay as far away from malls as possible. I prefer to get my clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories from high-end shopping districts across the country or directly…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Lebron “Corks”

Sorry for the late post, I’m usually up on the sneakers. After the Jordan Retro ’88’s and the All star Pack there was a lot of heat in the month of February. Last must have shoe to come out is the Lebron X “Corks.” With is cork material covering the upper of the shoe, these will be a die-hard pair to get. Can we say South Beach of 2013? I…


Dianne Halloway (@diannehalloway) Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Shoes

I came across shoe designer, Dianne Halloway via Twitter and I was really excited to see her look-book for her Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Dianne’s whole idea behind her shoes are providing limited, well-designed luxury shoes for the discriminating man. This seasons shoes have a heavy boxing shoe influence with sleek lines as well as a few pair in this seasons stand out color, oxblood. You can go to www.pradjex.com for more info…


Fashion Citizen Wears…Hickies Elastic System (@hickies)

I always enjoy testing out a good product, especially shoes or things associated with shoes ! I got a package of Hickies in the mail recently and I agreed to try them out. Now I’ll admit, when I first saw them I was thinking that I’d look like a toddler with special things in my shoes. Last night I hunkered down and put the Hickies in a pair of Nikes…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Comme des Garcons x Converse all over hearts shoe

pic source : sneakernews.com

f you’re not a die hard sneaker collector and want a nice casual shoe to rock around, then I suggest the new Comme des Garcons x Converse. The new model will feature an all around heart, all over the shoe. The older models just had the one heart on the side. These shoes are going to be a smash in my book and have people everywhere asking where you got…

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