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Menswear Minute : Memoris Watch by Louis Moinet

Screenwriter Ben Hecht said, “Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.” No doubt Mr. Hecht appreciated the value of time when writing and producing plays and films. Time is one of our most precious resources and once it’s gone there is no way to get it back. With this knowledge, we have always sought to measure time and keep track of eventful happenings as we live our…


Native Shoes Fall/Winter 2015 : The Fitzroy Boot

  Last week I had the privilege of attending the Native Shoe release at Maketto on H St in Washington, DC. The Native family was all abuzz about the new collection and talking about it was just as interesting as seeing the actual pieces themselves. The collection hinges on hues from different cultures around the world and draws on international vibes and tribes. Pretty cool idea right?   I thought…


Menswear Minute : #HowToBlackTie

Black tie functions tend to be important, that’s just a fact. When you’re dressed up in formal attire, there is a different feel altogether. You walk differently, you may even speak differently but there are right and wrong ways to do it. Men’s formal wear has evolved so much since the days of ruffle shirts and wide lapels. Recently, a good friend of Fashion Citizen, Thomas Wynder attended a formal…


Menswear Minute : Sergio Wonder Pre-Spring 2016

It’s always refreshing to see a designer return to the table with a fresh take on their brand. Sergio Wonder, no stranger to the fashion industry, is making some noise with his Pre-Spring 2016 collection shown during Men’s Fashion Week 2015. How fitting that the first Men’s Fashion Week saw the return of one very promising designer with a focused collection that speaks to the current style of menswear while…


Quell Collections: Culture over Couture T-Shirt

Our friends at Quell Collections have a new release today that we have to give you all the heads up on. The Culture over Couture T-Shirt has a pretty cool message and I think all of my fashion heads should get familiar. We all love the grandeur of the fashion industry but all of that flash doesn’t mean to much if you don’t have anything to back it up.  …


Errol B. Williamson, Jr. | The Bespoken Mogul

The art of being a gentleman is big business these days, anything from guides to growing the perfect beard to the top 5 suits that you need in your closet. How do you sift through the sea of information? How can you make your inner gentleman rise to the surface? Men like Errol B. Williamson, Jr. aim to help you figure things out and keep you well dressed while doing…


Fortune Made In America : Entrapreneur Collection

When I first saw the title of the latest collection from Fortune Made In America, I had a few questions. I have to admit any time I hear the word trap or trapping, the ideas that come to mind aren’t good ones. The way those words are displayed in music and television don’t bring to mind positive images at all. So I wondered what was going on with the folks…


Luxe Neckwear : The Two Piece Tie

When I received word from Luxe Neckwear about trying out their neckties, I was excited to see this necktie that had one of those cool, elaborate knots. I admit as a frequent neck tie wearer that I sometimes want to switch things up between my regular full windsor knot. The problem was when I saw instructions on how to tie those knots, I just gave up and tied my regular knot…


knot by TIFFA Tanks & Tees

knot by TIFFA introduces their first collection of tees and tanks today. The debut of the tees and tanks is knot by TIFFA’s first step into menswear, historically focused on men’s accessories. In this collection of tees and tanks, Tiffa designed the bow tie logo as a dot print, with the knot by TIFFA logo subtly in back.     The shirts are available in a host of colors such…


Menswear Minute : You Deserve A Good Hat

It’s become a recent affinity of mine to find a great hat. Not a fitted cap, I’ve got those. Not a snapback, I have some pretty good ones too but a hat, a grown man hat. You know one of those hats that make you feel like you need a great overcoat and a crisp pair of raw denim under them. As with most things that pop into my head,…

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