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What Does Your Jewelry Say ?! Make A Statement !

Statement jewelry is one of the best accessory trends a woman can take part in these days. It can revive that sheath dress that you seem to wear over and over again and slipped over a simple t-shirt and jeans can propel you into the stratosphere of a great look. The awesome thing about this trend is that so many amazing designers are throwing their hat in the ring. Yes,…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – Just Don x Been Trill NBA Collection

Been Trill has been killing the urban market for the last couple of years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They have recently partnered up with the luxurious JUST DON hats to give us a dope collaboration. The Been Trill x Just Don starter hats combine luxurious snake skin brim, Mitchell Ness hat, Been Trill infamous hash tag, and Just Don signature logo on the back strap adjustment. These…


Be Graphic With Your Bag

The graphic bag makes a statement and that is its purpose. Beyond just giving people a cheeky message to snicker at as your proudly carry your bag or draw the stares of envious onlookers at the beautiful photograph on your purse, these bags give you a way to be whimsical without being weird. Yes, I know weird is relative and we even celebrate uniqueness in the fashion world. Yet, while…


Sid Kassidy Jewelry

I always enjoy finding new artisans and such is the case with Sid Kassidy. The story of the brands genesis is a tragic one with a very beautiful ending. The creator, Kim lost her mother at the tender age of 9 and was at such a loss of how to continue to grow as a young lady into womanhood. She talks about her dad loving her as best as he…


Fashion Citizen Fall 2014 Trend Watch : Downsizing The BIG Handbag

I’ve been catching up on my reading and getting some hot tips and hints for the fashion citizens this fall. I’ve been reading several different articles on handbags and how they’ve gotten too big and too heavy. Big bags look great and yes they certainly have their place but when they start causing you to have tired muscles or other medical issues, the bag must down size. One of the…


Sartorial Tech Savvy – Tech Accessories for Today’s Man

The tech savvy man is a fixture every where these days. The soccer dad running on the sidelines with his iPhone catching his sons first goal or the proud big brother watching his little brother graduate primary school via the lens of his mini tablet. If we’re honest, being tech savvy isn’t very stylish for men. Most of the cases and sleeves are brightly decorated and don’t look very good…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – I Love Ugly World Cup Five Panel Hats

The world cup is upon us. It’s Budoo here again bringing you the coolest things to get this season. This time it’s the I Love Ugly World Cup 5 panel hats. These hats are pretty cool. If you rock the country polo’s, you can rock these hats. These stylish hats are all premium cut so the materials are quality, the hats themselves are handmade and well done.   You can…


Fashion Citizen Find : Emerson Cross Body Bag | Graf & Lantz

Meet the Gräf & Lantz Emerson [$398], an elegant leather cross body purse with long shoulder strap that makes for a chic mini companion. The bag’s slightly structured shape is balanced by the soft sheen of soft Italian leather and glimmer of the rose gold embossed logo. An easy to style addition to any outfit, the Emerson will surely be your everyday choice. Cross body bags are one of those classic…


Budoo’s Curios with @YBudooY – SUPER Spring/Summer “Varna” & “Gonzo” Sunglasses

SUPER Sunglasses are a must have during the summer. With that being said, their Varna & Gonzo sunglasses are a hit. The sunglasses feature a metal and plastic frame. The gold and black colorway makes the sunglasses go with any outfit. The overall look of the sunglasses are really cool and will make anybody notice them.         You can purchase them here: Varna — Gonzo


Fashion Citizen FYI : Revealing Rose Gold

Recently, I was looking through my digital magazine que and for some reason I kept seeing this glint jump at me from the pages. I’m not really for a lot of metals and if I had my choice, I’d probably wear silver. The glint that caught my eye was rose gold. Seeing this warmer version of yellow gold just said smoldering appeal. It just lays on the skin like embers…

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