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Budoo’s Curios with @YbudooY – Liberty x New Era Caps

New Era is teaming up with Liberty of London, England with some special fitted caps. Draped in there signature fabric, these caps are really dope. I had the pleasure of visiting Liberty last April so I know how cool their fabrics are. I’m not a fan of the New York Yankees but love these fabric designs. These coming hats are coming to a local New Era Caps flagship store or…


Fashion Citizen Find : @Karmalifee Toucan Snapback

Finding out the story behind your favorite brands is one way to connect with the people who produce your wardrobe. Could be that the material in this years fall pieces is all vintage, inspired by the designers trip to visit their grandparents or that the hangtags are all selvedge denim because the design team has recently incorporated the fabric into the newest collection. Incomes our friends at Karmalifee with their…


It’s All About A Red Dress

photo source : glamour.com

I’ve been reading up lately and it seems like everywhere I look the red dress is a must have for this fall. Red is one of those colors that seems to have a life of it’s own. It’s vibrant and almost speaks for you when you enter a room. Designer Valentino even had his own shade of red and every time you saw a dress come down the runway in…


When We Were Kings : Amanu Itomi, Jewelry Designer

Fashion Citizen : You site influences such as ancient Egypt and Native American culture in your jewelry making. What about these rich wells of culture speak to the designer in you? Aman Itomi : Well, I love art work from all over the world, but primarily Ancient Egypt and Native American Art they both touch my heart and mind deeply. These time periods are everlasting and that is why I…


HAVVA Autumn/Winter Footwear & Accessories Collection

Designer Havva Mustafa has recently released her Fall/Winter 2013 line and she’s given us sleek loafers with subtle details, reptile prints, rock star studs and bi-color riding boots. The accessories come in the form of woven waist belts that would work perfectly cinching this falls generous silhouettes. In other news for the brand, they will be launching their e-store this fall as well and we will be sure to let…


Fashion Citizen’s Guide to Mixing Prints

During a recent drive home from my day job, I saw an unfortunate mash up of prints and colors on a college student in the area. I’m sure her idea was to be avant garde and fashionable but it was a failed attempt. There was a neon shoe, printed pant, graphic top, loud accessories…I could go on but you get the picture. I thought as I continued to drive of…


It’s A Black Thing

It’s a black thing…after that one generally says, “You wouldn’t understand.” Well todays post aims to help you understand the art of wearing all black. Black on black or all black everything as Mr. Carter would say can be a quick go to for a very fashionable look. Black looks elegant, it looks classic and it almost always never fails to make you feel like a million bucks. One thing…


The Great White Debate

The great white debate…could we be referring to racial inequality? Has fashion citizen suddenly turned into political citizen ready to tear at the fabric of our country? Well…maybe one day but for now let’s discuss white. The color or shall we say the absence of color. White is the color of a standard wall, the color that denotes cleanliness, the color that a fresh canvas is before the artist takes…


Springtime Fresh : The Sheath Dress

photo : zimbio.com

The sheath dress has been a staple in women’s wardrobes since the 20’s and 30’s. In those days it was relegated to being a figure hugging, straight, ankle-length evening dress. Today the hem line has risen and the venues for wearing them have grown tremendously. You can wear a sheath dress for a spring weekend of errand running or to a semi-formal dinner. There are no limits on them these days and…


Fashion Citizenspiration : Chanel Spring 2013 Pearls

Spring has officially sprung in DC, well more like summer. It’s gone from pea coats to  short sleeve shirts. Today’s post is a bit of inspiration for the ladies of Fashion Citizen. Pearls have long been a sign of lady like style, a chic way to class up pretty much any outfit. Pearls and denim, pearls and a suit, even pearls with a t-shirt…there’s no wrong way to wear them….

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