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Top 6 Spring Shoe Picks from Heels.com

  The above image has been a figment of imagination in the minds of many of you for the past few months. Instead, you’ve heard terms like polar vortex, black ice and freezing rain repeatedly blare out of your tv speakers. Well, it seems that we are coming out of the woods and spring will be upon us very soon. In anticipation of the blessed days of above freezing temperatures,…


Fashion Citizen News : @PRSVR Luxury Work Boot

Fashion Citizen takes great pride in announcing the release of the PRSVR Luxury Work Boot. This is the brands first official shoe release but if you’ve been following the brand for a while you know that they’re no stranger to the footwear design world. It’s awesome to see the brand grow over these past few years into a national brand that is a black owned purveyor of luxury goods. Here…


HAVVA Autumn/Winter Footwear & Accessories Collection

Designer Havva Mustafa has recently released her Fall/Winter 2013 line and she’s given us sleek loafers with subtle details, reptile prints, rock star studs and bi-color riding boots. The accessories come in the form of woven waist belts that would work perfectly cinching this falls generous silhouettes. In other news for the brand, they will be launching their e-store this fall as well and we will be sure to let…


Shoes of Prey X TOME NYFW Collaboration Collection

I had to bring this awesome collaboration to my readers from Anita at Shoes of Prey, a website where women can design their own shoes and I’m thrilled to share their NYFW SS14 collaboration with CFDA finalist TOME. The collection ushers in a new era of elegance a slender strap across the toe, high ankle strap and cut-out counter. The heel is a 4 inch stiletto that reflects a more demure mood in shoes leaning away…


The Return of the Single Sole Pump

The single sole pump has returned with gusto and from the ladies we’ve spoken to they’re happy to hear it. The platform pump was reaching staggering heights of 7 inches and it was looking like women would be in the sky forever with no signs of coming down. The 70’s style had hit in a major way, we saw a return to the Studio 54 days of shoes. A breath…


Fashion Citizen’s Guide to Mixing Prints

During a recent drive home from my day job, I saw an unfortunate mash up of prints and colors on a college student in the area. I’m sure her idea was to be avant garde and fashionable but it was a failed attempt. There was a neon shoe, printed pant, graphic top, loud accessories…I could go on but you get the picture. I thought as I continued to drive of…


Fashion Citizen News : WizzolX x Adidas Sneaker

Word on the Fashion Citizen streets is that Greatness WX designer, Dan’te Brown aka WizzolX is going to be releasing a shoe with Adidas that’s going to blow everyone’s mind. Wizzolx is remaining hush because the shoe release is going to coincide with the WizzolX Auction Gallery event that is soon to happen in DC. Sources say that the shoe is very exclusive and only a few are going to be…


Do White With Bite…3 White Hot Shoes You NEED for Summer !

Summer has settled itself down in most parts of the country and as white hot as the heat feels, the white shoe has returned once again but this time with a vengeance. Celebrities are wearing everything from gladiators by Alexander Wang to flats by Louboutin. The fashion citizen woman might be able to lounge in luxe white shoes but my goal is to always offer you great style for great…


It’s A Black Thing

It’s a black thing…after that one generally says, “You wouldn’t understand.” Well todays post aims to help you understand the art of wearing all black. Black on black or all black everything as Mr. Carter would say can be a quick go to for a very fashionable look. Black looks elegant, it looks classic and it almost always never fails to make you feel like a million bucks. One thing…


The Great White Debate

The great white debate…could we be referring to racial inequality? Has fashion citizen suddenly turned into political citizen ready to tear at the fabric of our country? Well…maybe one day but for now let’s discuss white. The color or shall we say the absence of color. White is the color of a standard wall, the color that denotes cleanliness, the color that a fresh canvas is before the artist takes…

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