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Working Girl – – How to be office appropriate & stylish

Back to school season is fast approaching . . . many are coming off of their last summer of “freedom” and entering the work force. It’s not an easy thing to transition from a college life into that of a 9-5’er but I’m here to help with this post. I hear more than anything else that young ladies don’t know how to dress when in the office. I observe it…


Giambattista Valli SP 2010 Footwear

Giambattista Valli is one of the most exciting shoe designers in my opinion because he’s always good for a sky high heel that’s greatly designed. He’s worn by such celebrities as Victoria Beckham, who’s even had a shoe in his show named after her. The SP 2010 footwear sat atop platforms were done in bright reptile and subtle earth tones and nudes. What do you think of Giambattista Valli’s shoes ?

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