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The art of being a gentleman is big business these days, anything from guides to growing the perfect beard to the top 5 suits that you need in your closet. How do you sift through the sea of information? How can you make your inner gentleman rise to the surface? Men like Errol B. Williamson, Jr. aim to help you figure things out and keep you well dressed while doing it. Errol is a craftsman behind the menswear brand, The Bespoken Mogul and he's one of the best mentors in this menswear arena. I had a chance to sit with this gent and discuss his background, menswear, beards and then some.




Fashion Citizen : How did you become interested in the inner workings of the menswear world?

Errol B. : Well, my family is from Jamaica and we are a stylish people for starters. Next, I was born and raised in the South Bronx NYC and as we both know NYC is the Mecca of Fashion and Style. Even as a young man, I saw that the women and men in my family were stylish, I would argue I get it honestly.

FC : I've observed your style to be very classic and well manicured, can you tell us something about your style that would be considered off the beaten path or different than the norm?

EB : To be frank everything is off the beaten path to me in the time we live in today. I mean I would say I should have lived during the Harlem Renaissance to say the least. And to top that off I have and love body art...tattoos. So I am just different all around.

FC : Along with style comes proper grooming. As a bearded gentleman, what would be grooming essentials that you would recommend that every man should have?

EB : An excellent barber who loves his or her craft...that is the foundation. After a trusted barber, you need good products. I use Stubble and Stache for washing my beard. iBeard for their beard balm as well as Nude Beard Balm. Those products keep me fresh and clean.


unnamed (3)

The Bespoken Mogul


FC : You also have dabbled in the curating of women's looks, what is your favorite look to see a woman in?

EB : For me the classic little black dress with a pair of amazing high heel pumps in a brilliant color is just divine.

FC : Summer weddings and rooftop day party season is upon us, what are you looking forward to wearing during the warm weather months?

EB : There is nothing that beats a cotton British Tan suit. Period. End of story.


The Bespoke Mogul

The Bespoken Mogul


FC : You work in the world of bespoke menswear as I said earlier, what are the top 3 bespoke items every man should own?

EB : A navy blue two button suit by the BespokeMogul, a tuxedo and a crispy white shirt.

FC : Lastly, where can we connect with your brand and follow your movement?

EB : On IG under Errol B Williamson Jr or my blog




  1. D Seth says:

    Great Q&A, to share your swag perspective on what it is to be stylish and confident within yourself. RQQ!

  2. Bleek says:

    Great interview Errol B.! Keep doing the Damn thing! Keeping bruhs stylish since '94...

  3. Veronica Duhart says:

    Amazing interview!!!
    Style is something that can't be taught, some people are just born with it. Errol is one of the most stylish men I know.

    ~Veronica Duhart


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