Fashion Citizen Feature : Jevon Austin of Rich Styles Collection

Fashion Citizen: Can you start by telling us how you evolved from Jevon into Rich Styles?

Rich Styles: It was a very strategic move and one that I am very proud of. My childhood dream was to design and I didn’t have any schooling to back it, I was pretty intimidated by the industry. I felt I would be overlooked, so with that being said I chose to brand myself as a stylist under "Rich Styles". It separated Jevon from the new path. I didn't want the two connected. From there I basically traveled for 2 years straight on my own dime building with brand/store owners across the country.


Rich Styles Collection

Rich Styles Collection


Several opportunities came my way and I made sure that I delivered quality and timeless looks that would basically make it unbelievably tough to not remember me. As it turns out my character signed the contract. My personal lifestyle drew attention and made people want to know more of "Rich Styles".

The lifestyle is the same but the direction is completely different. Once I realized that my eye mattered, I began to start the footwear/suiting journey and from there I made my way into the land of brand ownership/manufacturing/distribution. To be clear I am 100% independently owned & operated as well and I did it all within two years.


FC: Your image is very polished and well groomed, what is your daily routine from waking to out the door?

RC: Thank you King. First off I open my eyes and give praise to the Most High for allowing another day of enlightenment, leadership & service and I freshen up a bit. From there we get the water and lemon going and a light breakfast to get the creative juices flowing. My mood determines my attire as it typically does for everyone if they're smart.

Positivity is a way of life for me so I let that be displayed in the pieces that I choose for the day. First impressions are everlasting and it isn't always about having a suit on, but it is about attitude and cleanliness. My style is considerably unorthodox so it's hard to describe it. Tasteful & edgy are terms that may fit accordingly nonetheless. Routine is something that I may not have as my day is all based upon energy. I'm very solid in my spirituality therefore I focus more on the cosmos and chakra alignment to help guide me.


Rich Styles Collection

Rich Styles Collection


FC: Hand making shoes and custom making clothing, how do you decide what direction to go in when a client request comes in?

RC: Easy. My father taught me to always start with my footwear when preparing to gather self. The footwear is what makes it all work. Once we assess need and I'm able to get a solid vibe from the client in regards to individual personality I'm able to then begin the design/styling process. Each design is centered on personality & character. It's what custom tailoring is about. The individual. Creating a timeless look that one can feel confident with and win.


FC: I've discussed this issue before but I'd like your take. What do you have to say to people that don't understand the pricing associated with custom pieces?

RC: {Laughs} that’s a good question. Typically the rule is if you have to ask then it isn't for you. To those that are new to the custom way of doing things, questions are necessary. One must be knowledgeable before diving into anything in life and I don't mind answering these questions. I'm family oriented and once you contact me we are basically family. We can build and I will teach along the way. That is something that I offer and it separates me from other brand owners. I stay connected to the people.



Rich Styles Collection

Rich Styles Collection


Custom pieces are about a taste level and high quality work. I say that to say this; you get exactly what you pay for but with me you get more.

FC: Your footwear specifically makes a big statement from the material used to the colors. Where do you see your designs going for the fall season?

RC: Over the top. I've been focused on more of the retro designs from classic periods of fashion that are no longer available but with a modern twist. Fall colors of course but styles that convey more edge that usual. I'm coming for that top spot; I am a brand that is worth checking for.



FC: How can we get in contact with you and follow your brand on social media?

RC: I'm not as active as most regarding social media but Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram are platforms that I do use. Facebook feel free to add me under "Jevon Austin", Instagram at @richstylescollection and LinkedIn "Rich Styles"

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