Fashion Citizen Foto Shoot : The Rebel, The Lady & The Gentleman

M ost men have two sides, the rebel and the gentleman. The rebel draws from James Dean who once said, "The only greatness for man is immortality." This devil may care attitude combined with youth are often what produces the stories we tell in our latter years and laugh heartily at how we made it through. As one matures, the gentleman side reveals itself with maturity and great style. Humphrey Bogart once declared, "Things are never so bad they can't be made worse." This focused way of thinking is indicative of how the gentleman thinks, not being so caught up as to think your current reality is your permanent reality. The constant in the life of both the rebel and the gentleman is the lady. Whether she's a curvy vixen or a lithe ingenue, the lady adds the spice and interest to the life of a man. Erasmus said the famous quote, "Women, can't live with them and can't live without them." The gentleman and the rebel both understand this quote to be true and the chase ever continues...


Fashion Citizen-198-Edit


Fashion Citizen-31-Edit Fashion Citizen-43-Edit


Fashion Citizen-82-EditFashion Citizen-77-Edit


Fashion Citizen-125-Edit Fashion Citizen-136-Edit Fashion Citizen-139-Edit Fashion Citizen-146-EditFashion Citizen-153-Edit-Feature



Models : Paul Barnes, Mintyce Sarae & Devon Pina

Styling : Fashion Citizen

Photography : Latashia Martin for Photography by Akili


  1. Cheryl Jackson says:

    Look at my CT gentelemen! Go Tino & Devon! So proud of you guys!

  2. Fashion Citizen Foto Shoot : The Rebel, The Lady & The Gentleman | Pacem Bellum says:

    […] Fashion Citizen Foto Shoot : The Rebel, The Lady & The Gentleman […]


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