Fashion Citizen FYI : Revealing Rose Gold

Recently, I was looking through my digital magazine que and for some reason I kept seeing this glint jump at me from the pages. I'm not really for a lot of metals and if I had my choice, I'd probably wear silver. The glint that caught my eye was rose gold. Seeing this warmer version of yellow gold just said smoldering appeal. It just lays on the skin like embers of a well tended fire. It's beautiful on any skin tone and it's not just for jewelry. I've seen rose gold pop up on shoes, bags and mirrored sunglasses lenses.



Here are few cool facts about this warm metal...

  • Rose gold first became fashionable in Russia during the 19th century, where it was referred to as “Russian gold” since they were among the only wearers of the uncommon alloy at the time
  • The inevitable spread of rose gold in jewelry can most notably be seen during the Victorian era where the pink-hued precious metal, along with its yellow cousin, dominated.
  • Only during the 1920′s did rose gold strike it rich with the jewelry-loving public, thanks in part to Cartier’s introduction of its now iconic “Trinity” ring and luminary writer Jean Cocteau’s endorsement of it.
  •  The trend of platinum and diamonds in the 1930's abruptly ended and went back towards rose gold when German troops invaded Poland in 1939, a move that would eventually bring nearly the entire world to war.
  • The pink hue of the gold and copper alloy happens to match nicely with all skin types, bringing out the subtle blush tones of the skin.
  • Fashion-wise, rose gold doesn’t have the ‘bling-effect’ that white or yellow gold typically reflects, so its understated elegance matches nicely with frilly feminine styles and neutral tones.

For more on Rose Gold, check out Jewels Du Jour.  Check out some of my fashion citizen rose gold pics with my ShopStyle list.

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