Fashion Citizen, Jennifer Michelle, @notjusapreTface

Today's Fashion Citizen is Jennifer Michelle and I can say that yet again Twitter has brought another worthy inductee to Fashion Citizenship. Jennifer is a model and when you see her pics and her slick hairstyle, that's not hard to believe. The best part about Jennifer is her amazing attitude on social networks. Twitter affords so many people the opportunity to be negative but I can say I have never seen Jennifer tweet negativity or hate. This inductee is not only a fashion model but a model of how all beautiful people should behave. Be attractive from the inside out !


Here is what Jennifer had to say about being a Fashion Citizen...


B eing a fashion citizen to me is all about being a woman true to myself and showing that through my style regardless of the event or task for the day. A true fashion citizen not only learns their personal style but helps those beautiful women she meets find their inner beauty. As a model I try to instill confidence in women to be the most beautiful woman possible. Doesn't matter if I'm walking the runway for an event, coaching other models, hosting a women's group, or hanging with my nieces...every woman in my company knows and feels she's fabulous.

As a fashion citizen in this industry called modeling, It is filled with the potential for major rejection. I'm determined to be my silly, tomboyish at times, easy going, completely different from everybody else, short hair cut, food loving self. That's the beauty of being a fashion citizen, I'm me and I'm comfortable in my own skin.

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  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    Great choice for Fashion Citizen, Jennifer is a strong out-spoken women who takes pride in whats she does. It's also great that she coaches not only young but models in general down the right path to success!


  2. Janelle Williams says:

    Good article!

  3. Wallace Michaels says:

    A must follow on twitter

    • Jennifer Michelle says:

      Thank you for the follow and compliments! Greatly appreciated.


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