Fashion Citizen Spotlight : Yani Ko Earrings

Here at Fashion Citizen, it's always exciting to bring light to a new brand. Whether it's an accessories company or an innovative clothing line, it's almost electric to be able to showcase someones unique take on the fashion world.

Today, I'm bringing to you a new brand in the accessories game, Yani Ko. These button earrings reminded me of one of my favorite things about womenswear, the well put together woman. Button earrings bring back great memories of the 80's and 90's, when great jewelry was essential to a look. In the current age of the statement necklace, it's awesome to see Yani Ko aim to take your eyes a little higher !


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Here's what designer Yani had to say about her brand...

I have a passion for unique button earrings and I was searching like crazy for them online and one day I has an ah-ha moment - if I love them so much, I should make them myself. I started out making them for myself and as time went on I received quite a few compliments and interest in my designs, I launched Yani Ko website on Sunday, October 25. 
I create handmade, unique button earrings. 
The name Yani Ko has a dual meaning. My name is Yani and is my company (Ko instead of Co) but most importantly, the name incorporates my son’s name (just spelled a bit differently) which is Neko. So it is a combination of Yani and Neko (spelled Niko).I want to build and create something that is for both he and I. 
I like to create button earrings that do not always match exactly, but rather compliment each other. I believe this is a fashion-forward way of designing earrings. I do also create earrings that match for more traditional clients.


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You can find Yani Ko at

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