Fashion Citizen Wears : Grinders 24/7 G’s Chenille Patch Snapback

If you've followed the blog or my Instagram for any amount of time, you know that highlighting and talking about new brands is something I enjoy very much. When Grinders 24/7 came on the scene, I was very excited. I've known the CEO for a long time and when you know the backstory to a brand, it's almost like a personal investment when you see them begin to drop pieces.


I had to get a few things for myself, so I got some lapel pins which are a major trend item now and the G's Chenille Snapback. It was something about the Chenille patch that kept saying, BUY ME....BUY ME. So after meeting up with the CEO, I had my hands on the hat. From the packaging to the hat itself, every detail has been well thought out. A black box with brand printed tissue paper houses the hat when you receive it. The hat is a quality piece on it's face and then you start to check out the details.


The clarity of the red branding on the cap, the clean seams of the bill and then you turn the hat over and realize, the party keeps going. There is a satin lining printed with the brands name that is actually more than just a luxe detail. This type of lining is something that can help protect hair for those of us who wear hats a lot. I know, you might have a short cut, so no big deal right? Wrong ! Keeping your hair protected under hats is important and it's pretty cool that Grinders 24/7 thinks enough about it's customer to include those types of details.




We all grind, in one way or another. Grinders 24/7 is the brand that helps us remember our missions and goals while keeping a keen eye on the trends of street wear and athleisure. Stay tuned to more from this brand and you can find the hat pictured here.



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