Fashion Citizen, Winfred Diggs, Jr.

Today's fashion citizen inductee is a little different from the ones I've done in the past. The young man featured today departed this life not to long ago and I had the privilege of attending his funeral service. I know you're saying, the privilege ?! Devon, how can attending someone's funeral be a privilege?


I'll tell you right now. I heard all of these people speak so highly of Winfred and not just the usual he was a good person, he was always kind type stuff but they spoke of his character. His character was the same to each and every person he encountered. He was an energetic person, full of talent and great athletic ability. All of his coaches spoke of how they realized that it was Winfred who ended up coaching them, inspiring them to be the best they could be. How awesome is that !

photo 5

Another cool moment was when they talked about his fashion sense. I knew Fred very briefly through his uncle and the few times I was in his presence I was quietly taking notes of how this dude navigated an outfit. The last time I saw him he had on all white from head to toe and I promise you it was the cleanest all white look I've seen in a good minute. I made a mental note to get on that this spring. One of Winfred's coaches said that he believed Winfred was the first man to wear skinny jeans. One by one, I heard people say that Winfred's style was his own and he was confident in every look he wore from skinny jeans to dying his hair red. One thing about being a fashion citizen, you have to be confident in yourself first. It's not about what you wear or the labels sewn inside your clothes. If you lack confidence, you can wear couture and still be a pitiful sight. Winfred's life inspired me as I exited that church to live every single day as the best me I can be. I decided to push myself every day to live confidently in my vision for my brand and for myself.

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We can take a lesson from today's feature, Many of us have outlived Winfred and his 23 years and some of us have a few years to go to get there. One thing we can do that Winfred did is squeeze all the goodness out of each day we live, walking this earth confidently in our best looks and being a positive beacon for others. Let today be the first day of your all confident everything walk. Winfred would want you to dress your best, try something new, get that hair cut you've always wanted to try, wear those throwback sneakers in the back of your closet and try that indie designer who you've seen around. Whatever you do, do it with inner confidence shining through. Who knows who you could inspire to do the same!


  1. Cheryl Jackson says:

    Thank you Devon! I love this feature on Fred. There is so much we can learn from his life. One coach said he wasn't afraid to be great! This speaks loudly in my life....and I've made it a signature statement to my children. His legacy of life and fashion will continue live strong in all of us.

  2. Titiana says:

    I also had the priviledge to attend Fred's service. And like you I also left the service feeling like wow, this young man inspired so many people and made an impact on everyone that knew him. I teach Zumba with his aunt and he came to our class when he felt good and put a smile on our faces when he showcased his dance moves. I love the way you captured his story! Be blessed and live life to the fullest everyday!


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