Fashion It Yourself : Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

So Winter has arrived with a very cold slap in the face. I said I'd do things different this year on Fashion Citizen and that means some personal blogging here. It'll be fashion related for sure, but just a little different.


I've been growing locs for about six and a half years so when winter comes I always dread wearing hats. They're warm and functional but they're not always good for locs. They make my locs fuzzy, taking them on and off and the material can dry hair out quick and fast. I had to find a different option this season. I had an infinity scarf lying around, a simple black wool one that was pretty warm but being me, I had to do it a little bigger than just wool. I went to my local fabric store and found some black faux fur material and went to work.


An infinity scarf design is pretty simple and you can find some pretty cool versions here. I challenge the gents and ladies who read this post to get creative with your look this season. Don't let the cold weather take the heat out of  your look.

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