Fashion Week : The Visual Album

Another Fashion Week is coming to a close in New York and the range of emotions, the oohs and ahhs, the street style outfits, the dinners, parties and such are all going to be just a memory pretty soon. It's these great moments that we wish would last forever. Jason Maek & Zaena, two out of the box music artists, got together for another project and it's called, "Fashion Week : The Visual Album".


When I was contacted about reviewing this I was a bit skeptical, I must say. Being the fashion guy that I am, I'm kind of defensive about what denotes fashion and how it's portrayed. I fancy myself a gate keeper of sorts. I pressed play and listened to the music first. From the first couple of moments into the intro, called Step & Repeat, it felt exactly like that dizzying moment when you're about to enter a lights, luxe and fashionable looks kind of event. My favorite track has to be, Models All Around Me. It's one of those songs you'd play driving to a high profile event to pscyh yourself up for a great night. It also spoke to the way the fashion world can literally wrap you up in itself. Coming down from a fashion high to return to regular life is an interesting thing, let me tell you.


Then I began to review the visual album and wow. It was art, pure art. I really liked that the videos weren't traditional interpretations of the songs. It was an artistic take on the lyrics, taking the music to another level. Viewing the visual album added another layer of cool to the whole project.


Here's a few words from the people involved in making this greatly illustrative project


Jason Maek, Artist: "The cool thing that I love about the visual album wasn't only making the music; it was the creating an experience for anyone who watched it or listened to the album. We wanted people to do more than just see and hear it; we wanted them to feel it."
Zaena, Artist: "Music, fashion, and dance are such powerful forms of expression that we wanted to capture in the visual album.  The highs, the lows,  they are all mediums used to express those range of emotions. The visual album shows the range of emotion much like a designer showing off their collection at a fashion show."
Nic, COO of MAEK: "It was interesting seeing this album from beginning to end. I would watch them try to encapsulate this whole range of emotions while simultaneously going through them. There were countless nights where we would sit and debate exactly how a video should look or study fashion shows. I saw their vision and just did whatever I could to help them. In the end, what they created was simply amazing"
The project releases today, February 18, 2016 on MTV, Vevo, and Netflix. Vevo called the 10 song, 17 video project, “The first great album of the year.” Check it out Fashion Citizens and let us know how you like it !
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