Fashion/Music Mash Up – I Am…Sasha Fierce (Disc 1) by Beyonce

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As most of you know Beyonce's new release "I Am...Sasha Fierce" is out yesterday and I think it's a pretty solid effort from Mrs. Carter. As I was listening to it, I thought about how much music plays a role in the lives of it's listeners. Often times we all remember a song to go with a certain mood or time in our lives, we even have songs that help us get ready to go out or get up in the morning.

I took the songs from the I Am disc, the songs that Beyonce' said most reflect the woman she is and used them as inspiration for the looks that you will see below. Remember, these are my interpretations of the songs, but I'd love to hear you comments on whether you agree with them or not.

1. If I Were A Boy

This song details a woman's look at a man's life and how she could do it better so that he would understand the faults he has and make them better. Beyonce said in an interview recently, the song is about boys and if you're a man, you have nothing to be offended about in this song. This look is a feminizes (new word LOL) the masculine look. We have a 3.1 Phillip Lim Asymmetric Jacket ($595 @ Net-A-Porter), Yves Saint Laurent Trousers with ribbed cuffs ($538.47 - Browns) and finishing the look off are Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti Black Brogue Boots ($610.56 - My-Wardrobe)...You may wish you were a boy, but those boots are all woman.

2. Halo

This is one of my favorites, so far on the I Am disc. It speaks of a woman who is freed from the walls she built around herself by finding a love, that is virtually angelic. "Standing in the light of your halo," she sings, "I've got my angel now". This Marchesa strapless lace gown ($7,796.46 - Koh Samui) evokes the romantic energy this song sings of and the Dior "Dioraima" earrings ($275 @ eLuxury) would hang ever so graceful as she sang to her angelic beau. While she stands in the light, Fishbone sandals by Giuessepe Zanotti ($995 @ Net-A-Porter) will keep her uber chic.

3. Disappear

Disappear is a tough track because it talks about delusion. A woman who believed she was in a relationship with a man only to find out he was never hers and just as she believed he'd grow close, it seemed as if he vanished. This look is one that's dark and closed in, the way a woman would feel after such intense hurt. The Mushroom cardigan by Night by Day Birger et Mikkelsen ($181.52 My-Wardrobe) would warm a chilled soul and the Indigo Baxter Skinny Jean by Topshop ($80) keeps a good fit. Marc Jacobs ballet flats ($238) from YOOX complete the look, dark and closed off as if you could disappear yourself.

4. Broken-Hearted Girl

Ever been torn between love and loneliness? It seems the woman in this song is torn between getting her heart stomped on and being with a man who is totally disregarding her, she stays because she doesn't want to be the "broken-hearted girl". At one point she frees herself by expressing to him that she is unhappy with his treatment. This look is Juicy Couture, the famous velour track suit ($215), something comfortable for the emotional turmoil this woman seems to wallow in. The Ugg boots ($253.70) in a dreary gray will keep her warm for those nights she has to run after him while he leaves in a fit of rage and the Haagen Daz will soothe those wounds after he slams the door.

5. Ave Maria

A woman who has found a love so strong that it makes her thank least that's what I get from the song. In this romantic ballad, a woman is lost, wandering aimlessly in the world and this love comes and she's so blessed by it. The flowing silhouette of this Elie Saab gown gives off an ethereal vibe, much like the love the song speaks of. The jewelry, a Chanel bracelet from Bag, Borrow or Steal and a Petite Albion Pearl Ring by David Yurman ($625 - for the opposite hand add to the sentimental moment. The Manolo Blahnik Ankle-Wrap Sequin Sandal ($675) adds a bit of interest at the base of the look, so as she concludes her pray of thanks, that bit of shine will reflect her happiness.

6. Smash Into You

Love so strong that two become one is what "Smash Into You" says to me. The woman in this song is drenched in love as she calls it and races at full speed to her love to smash into him. Not clumsily or violently, but to become one. This look has to be stylish and built for speed. Highwaisted Black Brazilian Stretch Pants ($19.99 - Moda Xpress) are the focus, fitting close for little wind resistance and tee from Wet Seal proclaiming the reason for the race, LOVE. Accessories have to be minimal when speed is a concern but since you're racing towards your love, get fly ! The red Supra high-tops ($105 - Karmaloop) and the Large Bamboo Hoops by CC Skye ($154) are perfect for a stylish smash-up. To carry any other items you may need, check this Gucci 'Joy' Medium Boston Bag available at Bag, Borrow or Steal.

7. Satellites

Love is a theme on the I Am disc, love lost, love gained, love out of this world and love imagined. The love in "Satellites" is strong but because the two parties involved are often seperated by what I imagine is work, life, etc...the woman sings of being like satellites, flashing by each other. She wants to run away and be together, away from everything but it seems as if she knows she has to exist outside of her relationship and join the rest of the world. The metallic trench is the satellite piece here, a symbol and a very on-trend piece from Wet Seal ($20). The True Religion bootcuts ($230 - are a standard jean for the fashionista, perfect for that quick run to the office. A pleated faux leather tote ($19.99 - Charlotte Russe)will carry the tools to get the job done fast. Also from Wet Seal, the chunky knit beret ($9.50) serves to make you incognito with the addition of Chloe Mimosa shades ($290 - In and out of the office or wherever, without notice, so you don't have to be flashing by. Steve Madden Lezlie Peep Toe Pumps make your flash by as fly and is it is fast.

8. That's Why You're Beautiful

Coal into diamonds...intense pressure turning an ugly substance into something of extreme beauty and value. Beyonce sings of a heart like coal being turned into a shining diamond with a touch to her soul by her lover. There is nothing sexier than a woman in a t-shirt and jeans ! The "I Am" album is Beyonce's expose' of her real self, paired down and raw for her public. What better way to end this cd and this mash-with the beginning of the project. Simplistic love, a touch to the soul is what would make this look electric. We start with a White Sheer Tee from Old Navy ($10.50) and the Cheap Monday Tight Jean to give you the all-american girl look. Simple ballet flats from Gap ($29.99), a mettalic wristlet, and pearl studs from Emitations ($19.95)are all setting the stage for the main attraction, the H. Stern Moonlight Crystal Quartz Necklace from Neiman Marcus ($15,000). A stunning piece that brings to mind the reflection of love that is obviously in the eyes of the one proclaiming "That's Why You're Beautiful".

That's it for today Fashionistas and Beyonce fans...stay tuned for the Fashion & Music Mash-Up for Disc 2....Sasha Fierce !

...Peace & Love...



    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash Up – I Am…Sasha Fierce (Disc 1) by Beyonce


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash Up – I Am…Sasha Fierce (Disc 1) by Beyonce

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