Fashion/Music Mash-Up – 808’s & Heartbreak by Kanye West

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I'm back again with another Fashion/ Music Mash-Up and this time it's for the ground-breaking album by Kanye West entitled "808's & Heartbreak". Now say what you want about Mr. West but he makes good music and it's often for the soul. This release showed the raw emotions of a man going through a break-up and problems with love. Often times as men, we don't speak on issues that we have with love and that's why so many of us are angry with the world. We're hurt and broken and refuse to acknowledge it or let it out. Well this album does it for you and it's a great listen.

1. Say You Will

This song opens the album with a simple request "Say You Will". He's asking her not to play games basically, don't say you will unless you will. How many times has this exchange gone on in relationships, fellas? This brought me to an outfit that, to me, is Kanye. The skinny jeans are Dior Homme by way of eLuxury ($199) and the black high top sneakers are Rick Owens by way of Oki-Ni. The puffer vest by Aeropostale ($34.75) is sure to provide a little warmth as the guy in this song may decide to chase after the elusive woman, before deciding to turn away and go home. The plaid shirt by Blac Label ($62 - Dr Jay's) adds that bit of interest to a chill outfit and the only accessory needed is the means of communication with this indecisive woman, the Iphone.

2. Welcome to Heartbreak

Welcome to Heartbreak confronts the life of a busy man who seems so driven to achieve but in the meantime, life is occurring around him. Things are happening and he's witnessing them, wishing he was living the same dreams others around him are BUT he's yet focused on his goals. This guy strikes me as casual but fly, in an Edgar Jacket in gray by Ludwig ($150 - 80s Purple) and dark denim by Levi (£135). Since he's so busy and driven, he's got a Chanel/Audemars Piguet watch to keep himself on track and Tom Ford shades ($217) to keep his eyes, the windows to his soul, hidden. Finally on his feet are Prime Reflex sneakers by Public Royalty ($55.95), adding that futuristic detail to an otherwise sedated outfit. Of course this guy travels in style, with the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere ($1,270 - Louis Vuitton) always packed with his essentials for the driven life he leads.

3. Paranoid

Paranoid...this guy is dealing with a woman who checks through his phone, worries about others opinion of them and her and is all around insecure, it seems. The man in this song is trying to assure her that he's got her and they need not get into this type of back and forth. He tells her, "They don't know you like I do". He's secure where she's not, but she can't see it. I imagine this couple is out at a party and ol' girl get's to tripping like this. This guy is decked out in head to toe Topman. A light grey flannel blazer ($180) is set off with a striped polo, again, adding interest to a muted color. The pants ($70), a very hot trend now, are done in a shiny material also. Leather gloves ($30) add edge to the outfit and we've seen Kanye rock gloves before, so why not give the trend a try? Shoes are purple waxy look zip boots and a G-Shock watch to keep time. I'm sure this chick would have any man leave the party early.

4. Heartless

"In the night I hear 'em talking, coldest story ever told, somewhere far along this road, he lost his a woman so heartless" Opening line to this track and a true statement in the life of many, including yours truly. I feel like this guy is taking one of those late night walks to clear his head, trying to reason how this woman did such a horrible thing. He's wearing an Akademiks Sentry Jacket (Dr Jay's) with a Nom de Guerre Field Scarf (£79 - Oki-Ni). The military trend is exemplified in this jacket without being guilty of over kill and the scarf serves to keep the neck warm LOL simplicity huh? Also from Oki-Ni, a black Fred Perry polo (£59) is under the jacket, keeping the color scheme of this outfit very basic. Nudie Jeans (£115) done in a dark wash, a MUST in any fashionable guys closet, are on the bottom and shoes by Raf Simons (£399) in a brick red tie the colors of the jacket into the outfit. The sunglasses, Mykita F1 Factor Shades (£224), even at night keep this guys eyes from revealing what sounds like deep hurt. Lastly, a simple Gucci wallet ($236) holds the necessary cards and id's this guy may needs as he tries to figure out, how could she be so heartless.

5. Amazing

It's the midst of the pain this guy is going through, he finds confidence and self assurance. He realizes that despite the adversity around him, the influence he has is something worth noting. Again, we're doing a lot of Topman pieces, the Superman tee($32) to show people who he is, the shiny black lace-ups ($130) because lace-ups with jeans is very grown man and the colorful socks ($6) because he doesn't take himself to seriously. The blazer is Armani Exchange ($245) with jeans by G-Star, although any skinny jean in a dark wash would look good here. The lone accessory here is the one popularized by Ye' himself, in the red color, the Dee & Ricky Black Heart Brooch ($65).

6. Love Lockdown

A paired down aesthetic is key for the look related to this song. The video and it's accompanying outfits were very simplistic, as the man in this song was having difficulty with loving his lady the way he wanted to. It seems that she is refusing to unleash her love to him but even still he takes blame for not loving her the way he wanted to, this guy is no stranger to this path but yet he still has love for this closed off woman. Another outfit by Topman, Floating Bib Shirt by Carolyn Massey ($100) and white braces (suspenders) ($24)add a formal appeal to the look, but still maintain the monochromatic colors reminiscent of the video. The shoes are white lace ups, but upon close inspection the leather is perforated to add interest to an otherwise plain shoe. Nudie Jeans are featured again, slim-fit is in fellas and trust all of us can wear them when fitted properly. The only color is in the scarf ($30), a plaid print from Topman as well.

7. Robocop

The girl from Paranoid is back but this time she's stepped her game up a bit and become a bit pressed, policing the life of the guy in this song. He, like most good men, tells her there are just some things she doesn't need to know and asks her to just live in the now with him. She insists on being a bit off the wall, but the guy in the song kinda sees it as a turn on. LOL @ that, gotta be straight with a crazy woman...things can go bad REAL fast if you don't. Anyways, he's futuristic in dress to combat her police tactics. Henleys Holbrook Silver jacket (£49.99 ) and Coated Selvedge ($100) jeans from Topman, form the base of the outfit. Alejandro Ingelmo Hi-Tops (£319 ) keep the feet protected by immense swag and Linda Farrow x Bernard Wilhelm shades (£75 ) keep the face on that next level flyness. New Era brings us the Nuvola Nella fitted cap ($48) with the tokidoki angry cloud on it, the perfect topper for this outfit. The other accessories, Silver Look Transformer Necklace (£8 ), Double Chain Bracelet ($15)and Silver Look Cleaver Ring (£8 ), all by Topman, add that extra bit of metal to this modern-day armor shielding this guy from Ms. Robocop.

8. Street Lights

This is one of my favorite tracks on the whole release, because it's inspirational message is one I believe many people can identify with. He likens passing streetlights to moments that are passing in front of him, however, he doesn't stop. He gets mobile and says he knows his destination but he's just not there yet. Great message and call to action indeed ! For this look, I imagined someone on their grind, needing comfortable clothing to run around in. The men's music graphic tee ($10) and fleece sweats ($19.50), keep you fly and comfortable at an affordable price. The hat from old navy ($10), keeps your head warm in these cold months to come...the Yellow Mix & Match Hoodie from Topman ($44) brings a little color to the outfit and is accesorized with a Dee & Ricky Pixel Heart pin ($65). Red Heart Pin, Yellow Hoodie and Green Hat......Message ! The boots are Dsquared2 ($489 - on sale), sturdy and rugged for the man who's on a mission with places to go and mountains, real or mental, to climb. Since Ye' is the Louis Vuitton Don, this guy has to have the Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Messenger Bag ($1,320) to carry around his important materials.

9. Bad News

She cheated. Bad News is a song of disbelief at this paranoid robocop who goes even further and cheats or as the guy in this song says "oh you just gonna keep another love for you"? Dark colors are the order of the day with this outfit. All items but the glasses are Topman. Black Plain Shirt ($40) and Black Straight Leg Trouser ($40) start the look off with a Black Coated Vest ($70) to add to the layering effect. Like this outfit, hurt has many layers. The black woven scarf ($20) starts to form the outerwear look and is helped along by the Charcoal Long Wool Mix Coat ($160). The basic mid brim trilby ($30) is an on trend topper (hat) and the look completes itself with Buddy Holly glasses ($8). To throw a bit of interest in this one-color look, the boots, by Topman ($110), are a deep purple leather.

10. See You In My Nightmares

"Tell everybody that you know, tell everybody that you know, that I don't love you no more !" Wow, how tough is that? He's telling this chick that he's dunzo with her. She used to be a fairytale and has turned into a nightmare. She's completely flipped the script and dude is NOT having it. This song put me in the mind of a guy having bad dreams of the relationship gone wrong and having to get up and walk it off to regain his peace. He chills out in a Rise Above Tee by Lost ($23.99) and Lounge Pants from American Eagle ($29.50). He schleps around the house in Lounge Slide Slippers by Volcom ($32). When the nightmare jars him from sleep, he trades the slippers for YMC High Top's (£95) in black patent and Leather Marquez Bomber Jacket by All Saints(£280). It's cold outside, but this guy is prepared with his Rabbit Fur Aviator Bomber Hat ($34.95) from Fur Hat World and Louis Vuitton Cardiff Scarf ($325).

11. Coldest Winter

Losing someone you love is never easy, especially when it's someone who was instrumental in making you who you were. This song, inspired by the passing of his mother was a touching tribute. For this outfit, I imagine this man is just trying to get together in order to go on. Simplicity is his aim and goal in a Duke Argyle Sweater ($79.50)by J.Crew, over a black poplin button-down from Old Navy ($15). Charcoal gray wool pants from J.Crew ($118) keep him warm and stylish and he's covered in a Black Wax Coated Trench coat from Topman ($180). On his feet, a comfortable but polished boot done in black suede from Fendi ($349 - currently on sale).

12. Pinocchio Freestyle

The man in this song realizes that nothing material really matters, just being a real person...truthful and honest with self is his mantra. He wears a Customizable Pinocchio Tee by Disney ($19.95) and I'll just bet his tee would read "Real Boy". He's a basic fellow and chooses to revive the monochromatic theme from earlier and go with Levi's Skinny 511 jeans in singed black ($69.50) and to make things interesting, he wears a Bandito Stadium Jacket by Crooks & Castles ($131.99). The good folks at Dr Jay's keep his feet on point with Navy Dunk Hi's by Nike ($112), the extra detail here comes with the lighter blue on the sole.

This mash-up is complete...I hope my fellas enjoyed this post and I'm interested in receiving comments via the blog or email at

...Peace & Love...


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    Fashion/Music Mash-Up – 808′s & Heartbreak by Kanye West « Fashion ...: This guy is decked out in head to ...

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    Fashion/Music Mash-Up - 808's & Heartbreak by Kanye West


    RT @fashioncitizen: Fashion/Music Mash-Up - 808's & Heartbreak by Kanye West


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - 808's & Heartbreak by Kanye West


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - 808's & Heartbreak by Kanye West


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - 808's & Heartbreak by Kanye West


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